Is our chemical eco-friendly?

The chemicals we use for termite removal are 100% safe and eco-friendly. The chemical used by our experts are authentic and from world-class manufacturers

   Cost of treatment

Melbourne termite treatment price varies with the severity of infestation. The price also depends on the property size. Inspection of the entire property including the interiors and exteriors consumes a considerable amount of time. The professionals inspect the entire property to find the infested places and identify the species. After learning about the severity of infestation and area of infestation, the experts implement the pest control techniques that work fast and effectively. The overall cost of treatment largely depends on these factors.

   Do we need to leave the house and if so how long

Yes! While implementing the treatment techniques, the residents in the residential space or the workers within the commercial spaces must stay away from the premises. We use different insecticides and other chemical-free treatment for effective results. Though the chemicals we use are eco-friendly, it could create nuisance and allergies. You need to leave the premises for at least an hour while the treatment process is ongoing. The experts will guide you and suggest the right time to enter the premises after the treatment.

   How long is the warranty period?

3 years to 10 years depends on chemical used.

Health concerns

The termites are well known for damaging properties, but these white monsters also are responsible for affecting human health!    


Other concerns

The white monsters never sleep, and a single female termite can lay up to 30, 000 eggs per day!Such factors raise the signs of  severe


Symptoms of termite infestations

The termites avoid sunlight and prefer to live in dark places. The monsters become


DIY treatments

Termite infestation is a major threat to your property! You need to take preventive measures immediately to eliminate


Thing you should know

Enviro Safe Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies. We offer a wide range of pest control treatments pan


Chemical free treatment

Apart from the insecticides, you can also implement certain home remedies to eliminate the termites from your property.


Areas we treat

Enviro Safe Pest Control is a certified and licensed pest controller company. We have appointed highly experienced


Preparation needs to be done before treatment

Before you decide to implement the DIY treatment techniques