The termites avoid sunlight and prefer to live in dark places. The monsters become active at night, thus, their activity often goes undetected. The white monsters leave some signs of infestation which you need to look out. If the signs of infestation are left unnoticed for a long time, the damage level will escalate high up!

  • Mud tubes are symbolic symptom of termite infestation. The mud tubes originate from the ground which can be easily found on anything. The tubes are clay like structure and brown/dark brown in color. The tubes maintain dark and humid environment suitable for food storage and development.
  • Some specific species of termites don’t build tubes. Rather, these termites build subterranean tunnels. These tunnels are deep down the soil.
  • The termites also build blowholes in trees.
  • The white monsters create an earthen packing on the surface of timber or walls.
  • Termite droppings clearly indicate the presence of the pests in the surrounding.
  • The reproductive termites have wings; if you find the termite swarms flying or you find piles of wings in your property, the pests have infested the surrounding.
  • Discolored walls, hard wooden furniture, peeled off paint from the products, small holes in dry walls, etc are few other signs of termite infestation.

Hollow and damaged woods are major signs of termite infestation.

Health concerns

The termites are well known for damaging properties, but these white monsters also are responsible for affecting human health!    


Other concerns

The white monsters never sleep, and a single female termite can lay up to 30, 000 eggs per day!Such factors raise the signs of  severe


Symptoms of termite infestations

The termites avoid sunlight and prefer to live in dark places. The monsters become


DIY treatments

Termite infestation is a major threat to your property! You need to take preventive measures immediately to eliminate


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Chemical free treatment

Apart from the insecticides, you can also implement certain home remedies to eliminate the termites from your property.


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Preparation needs to be done before treatment

Before you decide to implement the DIY treatment techniques