Most of the ant species dwell in the exteriors and build nests in soil or trees. But they usually enter the buildings in search of food, water warmth as well as a safe place to prevent harsh weather conditions. The ants dwelling inside your premises as well as inside your building would cause nuisance and irritation. You need to get rid of the ants and prevent contamination of foods, fire, damages to clothes, electric circuit, etc.
You would preferably apply your DIY skills to control the ant dwellings. Some of the vital DIY skills adapted by people help them to prevent the intruders for a limited period. If ants are causing severe problems, you can apply the DIY skills and take a try!

  • Inspect the building and premises- It is essential to locate the nesting sites of the ants. Inspect the building and premises. Especially, target the kitchen or any other place with an abundant source of food and water. You can also find the ants in bathrooms, living rooms, bedroom, basements, walls with cracks, nearby areas of air conditioning and heating units.
  • Cut-off source of water- Ants prefer dwelling near the source of water. You need to reduce the moisture and standing water in and around the premises. Repair the leaking pipes and check the areas at regular intervals.
  • Block the food source- You need to keep the interiors as well as spaces within your premises clean and tidy. Tidy places discourage the ants to invade interiors. Store the foods in airtight containers that would prevent the ants to access food. Use a lid on the trash bins and dispose of it regularly.
  • Block or eliminate the access points- Cut off the tree branches and bushes near the building. The tree branches or shrubs are the highways for the ants on which they get the path to enter the building. Block the cracks near the spaces of utility pipe entrance with silicone caulk. Blocking the accessing points is essential.
  • Use Sprays- Apply surface pesticide spray on the ant nests. Make sure to spray on the travel path of the ants and the access points of the building.
  • Pesticide Dust- You can also apply pesticide dust to the nesting sites. Sprinkle the pesticide dust on the surfaces where the ants travel. Sprinkling dust on the electrical boxes and the wires is the best option as sprays could be dangerous.
  • Baits- Ant baits are a better option for spaces like hospitals where insecticides can’t get used. It is also helpful when you are unable to find the nests. With baits, you need more than once attempts. You also must remain cautious while using the baits. Prevent children and pets from accessing the baits. Placing baits is the best, at Ant Pest Control Melbourne our chemical kills the all of the ants and their colony.

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Ants can carry any bacteria and would transfer them to food as well as open wounds.


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Most of the ant species dwell in the exteriors and build nests in soil or trees


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