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Pest Control Melbourne

Our Techniques Are Safe for Kids, Pets & Plants
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Kids & Pets Friendly


Odour and Stain Free


12 Months Pest Coverage

Melbourne’s Pest Control Services

When it comes to pest control in Melbourne, ensuring your kids’ and pets’ safety is our priority. Our bespoke and personalised treatment plan is specifically developed to alleviate the pests invaded your property using eco-friendly products that are safe for your children and pets. We only administer the appropriate volume of the products and adjust our treatment procedures for your home accordingly, giving you a complete peace of mind.

The smell of most insecticides are intense, irritating and sometimes could be suffocating. At Enviro Safe Pest Control, we use natural, organic pest control solutions that are 100% non-toxic, odour free, hypo-allergenic and stain-free. Our pest control products virtually odourless and are formulated using active chemicals which can terminate the lives of devastating pests found in and around your house much faster.

Pest problems may occur between scheduled treatments, and that’s why we offer 12 months (year-round) pest control coverage for over 15 pests, ensuring that your home will be pest-free all year long. We thoroughly inspect your property periodically, and treat the interior and exterior home, so you don’t need to deal with pest infestation, dead animals, odd smells and structural damages in the coming months.


Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Homeowners in Melbourne are more likely to deal with unwanted pests at some time, during the year. Enviro Safe Pest Control takes pride in providing safe and effective pest control solutions for homes across Melbourne using eco-friendly products that stop pests from getting inside and remaining safe for you, your kids and pets. No matter the size or scope of your residential pest problem, we can create a solution that protects your home better.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses in Melbourne are home to some of the most devastating pests such as ants, rodents and cockroaches. Minimise lost revenue and protect your image with our expert pest control professionals who can eliminate the invading pests with a holistic approach. We will work with you to customise our pest control plan and make recommendations to fit the needs of your business and budget.


Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termites can cause extensive damages to your property. Our comprehensive termite inspection and treatment services can wipe out existing colonies and prevent future infestations. We inspect every nook and corner of your home to identify the signs of termite activity and damage, and create an extermination plan that provides a lasting protection to your property against these annoying creatures.

Effective Pest Control & Exterminator Melbourne

If you have a problem with pests at your home or business in Melbourne, then Enviro Safe Pest Control are here to help. We operate in all suburbs of Melbourne and can deal with all types of pest infestations quickly and easily. We have many years’ experience in this industry, and we want to use this to help you.

There are no two situations that are the same when it comes to dealing with pests and this is something that we understand very well. We will take the time to find out exactly what is going on at your premises and will give you a complete rundown of the action that we recommend. We believe that this approach is the most efficient because once we know what your situation is, we can get straight on with removing the pests for good.

We offer a same day service so that you do not have to put up with your pest problem a moment longer than is necessary. We can arrange an appointment time that suits you and you can be confident that we will turn up on time. Once the initial assessment has been carried out, we can provide you with a schedule for completing the rest of the job. We want to make the process of removing the pests from your property as disruption-free as possible for you.

All of the methods we use for pest control are environmentally friendly. We do not use industrial chemicals in our practices and opt for methods that are safer for everyone that comes into your property. If it is your home that is being treated, then it will be safe for children and pets to spend time in the house after the treatment has been completed. The techniques that we use leave no stains behind and there will also be no odour. Guests to your home or business will not be aware that any work has been carried out unless you tell them.

As part of the service we offer, we can also provide you with advice to help prevent the pests from returning at a later date. All of the work we carry out is guaranteed for a certain length of time, usually, twelve months, to give you extra peace of mind. However, we will also be able to tell you what action you can take to help prevent a new infestation forming after this guarantee has ended. There is advice available on our website and you can call us with any questions that you may have.

We deal with all types of infestations such as rodents, termites, spiders, and cockroaches. We have years of experience in the Melbourne area and all our staff are highly skilled. If you have a problem with pests in your home or business then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can provide you with a free quote that will be made without obligation. We are very competitively priced and believe that our services offer excellent value for money.

There could be several reasons for you to call our pest control company. Maybe you don’t have the time to do it yourself or the pests have spread to other areas of your home. Whatever the reasons, we will get the job done in a safe and efficient manner.

Why Should You Hire Us?

We have learned and grown a long way. Our pest control experts receive the most advanced training and stay at the top of the game. Not only that, but we use the latest technology to deliver unique and superior level of service to our customers.

We will listen to your needs and concerns, and provide a treatment tailored to your specific situation. Our pest control experts implement the most appropriate method depending on severity of the problem, infrastructure of your property and the surrounding environmental issues, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your property is in the safe hands.

Whatever pest problem you are dealing with, trust the experts at Enviro Safe Pest Control. Our professional and friendly staff is here to make sure that your home is pest-free. Contact our pest control experts Melbourne at 1300 997 272 to schedule a free pest inspection.

About Enviro Safe Pest Control

With more than 10 years of experience in the pest control industry, we have been serving households and businesses across western, eastern, northern and south-east suburbs of Melbourne with all their pest control needs. We are armed with smart technologies, knowledge and skill sets to deal with pest challenges and protect your facility against the threats of pests. A lasting pest management solution and the safety of your family and pets by using eco-friendly, organic products is what you can expect from Enviro Safe Pest Control.

With our comprehensive pest control plan, you can enjoy unparalleled protection from common pests, such as termites, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, spiders, bees, wasps, moths, mosquitoes, flies, beetles, possums, mice, rats, birds and lawn pests. If protecting your home and your family is important to you, simply turn to the pest control experts of Enviro Safe Pest Control!

Our professionals will begin with inspecting inside and outside of your property, figure out the type and scope of infestation, and carry out necessary treatments to eliminate the existing pest colonies and prevent future infestations. On-going service is carried out at regular intervals by our expert team, ensuring that your home is completely pest-free all year long.

We use a wide range of pest control techniques such as pesticides, fumigations, gel treatment, thermal fogging, trap cropping, baiting and other industry-acclaimed methods that are effective at eradicating the pests completely from your property. So, if you have noticed some sort of creepy, crawling creatures in your home or business, feel free to get in touch with our pest control experts. Let’s come up with a bespoke pest management program to make your home or business completely pest-free.


Not sure what pest is troubling you? Call us on 1300 997 272 today! We will show up on time and follow-up with you until our pest control service exceeds your expectations! For any questions you may have about the pest problems, don’t hesitate to contact our on-call experts!


  • Free Technical Guidance
  • Apply Advanced Monitoring Techniques
  • Provide Complete Reports


Why You Must Hire A Pest Control Service?

Insects, rodents, and wild pests can damage your property and are harmful to you and your pets. Pest control helps to eliminate these unlikely creatures from your space and stops them from visiting your house again. Whether the infestation is severe or starting to spread, it is always safe to call a pest controller or hire a reputed pest control service for help. At Enviro Safe Pest Control, we use eco-friendly pest control methods to get rid of any pests that are festering your property.

What Does A Pest Inspection Involve?

A pest inspection involves a complete inspection of your home including the exterior and interiors. A pest inspector checks your property to find any signs of infestation, damage, and the areas that entice pests.

Does Pest Inspectors Eliminate Pests?

A pest inspector job is to find the signs of infestation and the areas that are greatly infected by them. They are not exterminators to get rid of pests. Only exterminators can help you get rid of them.

How Much Does It Cost For Pest Control?

It depends on the extent of the infestation and the areas that you want the pest controller to cover. However, if you’re aiming to hire an affordable pest control service, you can hire Enviro Safe Pest Control.

How Often Should I Hire A Pest Control Service?

In order to keep your property safe and pest-free, you can call a pest control service once in twelve months to check your property. However, when it comes to severe pest infestations, having a regular pest control service every two months would help you to get rid of the pests. It also helps you to understand whether the treatment is working for you. If there is a need to make adjustments, you can address it to your pest controller.

How Long Will The Treatment Takes Place?

Usually, it takes about one hour. However, it depends on the size of your property. You must keep your pets and birds away from the area to make the process go seamless.

Do You Offer Same Day Service?

No. But when it comes to emergency cases like bee or wasps infestation, we do our utmost to visit your property on the same day. We are generally booked in advance.

Will The Bait I keep Affect My Pets?

No. But you must ensure to place in an area where they don’t have the access.

Is Your Pest Control Treatments Safe?

Yes. We use eco-friendly methods and products in our treatment and it will not do any harm to your pests and your children.

Are Termites A Problem?

Yes. But you wouldn’t realise until you have big damage. Nearly 34,000 homes have been affected by termites. They feed on your wood and make it weaker. So it is safe to hire to termite control service to check whether your house is infested by them. They set their habitat in attics, cots, laundry areas, and basements.

If you have any queries or need help with a  pest control service in Melbourne, Call our pest controllers from Enviro Safe Pest Control. For appointments, Call 1300 997 272 today.

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