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Ticks are small wingless parasites those could be annoying for pets and the pet owners. These parasites are arthropods and belong to a special group of mites. There are around 850 species of ticks, but only a few species are the direct concern for people and pets. These external parasites can’t penetrate the skin of their host but can insert their mouthparts to suck blood. The ticks need a blood meal to grow and produce eggs. Certain species of ticks evolved and concentrated on feeding on particular kind of host. If given a chance, the ticks won’t feed on other organisms.

These blood-sucking bugs can grow as large as a pencil eraser or could be as tiny as a pin’s head. The ticks have eight legs and get classified under spider family. The color range of ticks also varies from brown to reddish brown and black. Size and color of the ticks depend on the intake amount of blood. If a tick feeds on its host for several days its color turns into greenish blue color.

Tick Removal and Tick Control in Melbourne

The ticks remain active throughout the year. These parasites can’t jump or fly but easily can transfer from one host to another. This species of parasites get categorised under two major groups, i.e., Hard Ticks and Soft Ticks. The Hard Ticks have a protective shell on their back that prevents them from engorging freely while the Soft Ticks are leathery and don’t have a protective shell which doesn’t prevent them from engorging rapidly. The ticks prefer warm and moist body parts. Once the tick accesses the human body, it moves into the armpits, groin or hair. These parasites remain attached to the skin after biting. Tick bites are usually harmless but can transmit certain diseases from one host to another.

You could be at the risk of Tick Infestation! You need to take proper steps for Ticks Treatment in Melbourne without any delay. Before opting for ticks pest control service in Melbourne, you must have the idea about the health concerns that the ticks transmit. You must be aware of tick nests so that you could take the control measures at the right time and avoid health issues. The treatment techniques for ticks vary, so you must have the idea about the common tick species found in Australia.

At EnviroSafe pest control, we believe in controlling or removing ticks, so you can easily go out with your family and feel safe. There is numerous type of tick removal products outside but we recommend to use the professional and licensed services, so you can feel safe because sometime DYI, doesn’t work properly which costs high. Getting tick removal professionals in Melbourne for treatment would be helpful and would be no chance of having issues again.

All tick control and removal treatments are fully guaranteed for effectiveness and satisfaction, along with the best overall value.

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