Is the chemical are safe and eco-friendly

The chemicals we use for eliminating ticks are 100% safe and eco-friendly. The chemical used by our experts are authentic and from world-class manufacturers.

Do you treat pet as well?

No, we don’t treat pets! You need to book an appointment with a vet and get the treatment done by the experts.

How much the treatment cost?

It depends on the severity of infestation. A significant part of the time gets consumed while inspecting the entire area to find the infested places and identify the species. Application of the pest control techniques after identifying the infested spaces works fast.

How long the treatment takes?

The treatment of the pests generally depends on the severity of infestation. The pest controllers take time to detect the infested area and implement the treatment techniques. It takes almost more than an hour to implement the pest control techniques and achieve the desired results. It may even take longer for severe cases.

How long the warranty periods?

We offer a warranty period of one to six months depends on situations. But, after treatment, you need to follow the guidelines as shared by our experts. The warranty period is applicable for clients following the rules. Our experts would visit the treated property at regular intervals to check any signs of growing infestation.

Any precautions need to be taken?

While pests removal treatment, the owners must adopt some precautions. The pest controllers will guide the measures one must undergo during the treatment.

Health Concern

Most of the Tick bites don’t transmit harmful microbes. But, certain species of ticks


Symptoms of Ticks infestation

The symptoms of tick bite develop after many days or weeks.


DIY treatments

Do you have doubts of Tick infestation in house? Do you love implementing


Our Treatments

Envirosafe Pest Control is a certified pest control company catering the best services


Areas We Treat

Ticks dwell in moist and warm areas. Thus, these pests get found


Preparations/ steps to be done before treatment

The professionals need the client’s help for


Things you should know

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