Since the inception of the company, Enviro Safe Pest Control has set a benchmark in the Pest Control industry in Melbourne. Currently, our brand gets recognized as the best for eco-friendly Pest Control.

Our Team of Experts

We have a team of expert and professional pest controllers. The professionals are well-trained and have high years of experience in dealing with different pests found in Australia. Our team of experts has innovative and effective pest control solutions. We help the residents to get rid of different trouble-creating organisms. We maintain the superiority of the pest control techniques implementing the best efforts and proven techniques of controlling pest infestation and pest extermination.

How do We Claim to Provide All-Around Protection?

Our mission is to offer the best solutions and services for pest control in Melbourne and help the residents to live in a safe and hygienic environment. We deploy energy efficient and eco-friendly products for sustainable pest control services. The well-trained professionals use efficient and powerful equipment and deploy those to meet the requirements of exterminating the pests. We remained concerned about our safety as well as our client’s safety under any circumstance.

Book an Appointment

Search for pest control near me and get connected to us! Our friendly executive will communicate with you. You can share your requirements and inquire anything about our services. If you get satisfied, you can proceed further to book an appointment. Our well-equipped professionals will visit the property as per the scheduled time and date.

Our Proven Process of Preventing and Exterminating pests

We have set a process of controlling and exterminating the pests, and we follow the process strictly.

  • Visiting the property, we examine it to identify the type of pests causing troubles.
  • Our experts note down the severity of infestation and find out the dwelling space.
  • The professionals produce the reports to the clients, the instructions and the budget.
  • We follow safety rules for not causing any harm to the residents, pets or property.
  • We make sure to visit the treated-property in intervals to note down any probabilities of infestation.

We Serve Multiple Sites

We feel proud to state; Enviro Safe Pest Control Melbourne gets counted as the leading commercial pest control company. We serve residential, commercial, industrial and multiple sites.

Our team of experts is ready to accept the risks and challenges of the job! We comply with the safety standards of integrated pest management solutions. We offer complete protection from different types of pests without affecting the health condition of the residents and the environment. We offer our pest control services in Richmond, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Pakenham, Frankston, Epping, Berwick, South Morang, Mitcham, Hampton Park and across all Melbourne. 

The team works with emerging technology for the best results

Our company embraces emerging technologies and gives the highest effort to harness innovative techniques and solutions for dealing with the growing problems. Our experts deliver the best tips to prevent pest infestation. Our proactive risk management tips and techniques to tackle pest threats work excellently guarantying the best results.

Enviro Safe Pest Control doesn’t only exterminate the pests from the property and protect you financially! We protect your family’s or employee’s health from pest-borne diseases with the best solutions.


Have you got issues with pests? We cover the complete Melbourne and can also suggest and care for any insect problem you might have. Our company has ‘On-Call’ Experts available out with regular work time and on weekends in a position to solve any insect related questions.


  • Free Technical Guidance
  • Apply Advanced Monitoring Techniques
  • Provide Complete Reports