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Melbourne is one of the poshest cities to live in. It thrives from culture, sculptures, state of the art architecture, world-class education and innumerable job opportunities.

People from all around the world wish to visit Melbourne and many love to settle down here. One of the reasons for its popularity is its climate. Melbourne is one of those cities, which experiences a quite variable climate, with winters being quite cold and summer quite hot and humid. Because of this reason, not only humans but also creepy crawlies, flies and even rodent like Melbourne.

There is nothing to be disgusted about us these are also living organism and contribute a lot to the ecosystem, however, they may prove to be worrying when then tend to prefer their area of inhabitancy to our houses.

Having said that, where there is a problem, there has to be a solution. The problem here is an infestation of pest, thus Enviro Safe Pest Control presents to you with a solution, which is effective pest control, all year round that too at the most effective price with 100% guaranteed results.

We have been treating all kind of pest infestation in and around Melbourne and due to our vast experience, we are able to ascertain which kind of pest infestation can be encountered in which region and at what time of the year.

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Pest Control Season

Summer is on its peak and for sure, many of us must be fed up of the pest. Summers in Melbourne is indeed a party time for all kind Wolf pests. Summers sees a sudden increase in pest especially mosquitoes which can bite and leave itchy bumps. These mosquitoes are also carriers of some very infectious diseases hence are a big health and safety hazard. The Blacklegged deer ticks are also seen during summers, which can cause Lyme disease. Not only pets are at high risk of Blacklegged deer ticks but also human as they can come in contact if you happen to stroll in the woods. Summers is the time when people like to enjoy barbeque, pool parties, and camping, it is then when bees, wasps and stinging insects can swarm you. Especially during the end of summers and the start of spring sees an infestation of bees.

Autumns in Melbourne is cool and it’s that time of the year when rodents such as mice, rabbits, etc, look for warmer areas, and it is then when they creep into houses for warmth and in search of food. White ants a variety of termites are also very commonly spotted during autumn. They do not often hibernate during autumn and love to feed on timber and can cause immense damage to furniture. The biggest havoc which any pest can cause during autumn is indeed cockroaches. There are different kind of roaches, which are very common in Melbourne, but the most commonly found roaches are the German cockroaches during autumn.

Right after summers, spring is that time of the year when there is a sudden increase in spiders as they get a very warm and a moist condition to weave their webs and multiply. Due to springing foliage and blooming flowers, there is no dearth of pollens, which attract bees for nectar. It is not surprising to see bees swarming in your garden and sometimes building hives just outside your window. Termites are another pest, which prefers springs; they creep into your house and can damage your furnishing. If you happen to see white termites flocking around streetlights then it is a clear indication that the dwelling place is not too far away.

Come winter and you would see all warmth loving pest trying to seek a cosy environment. It is very common to see rodents and even birds infestation during winters. Rabbits and possums are also very commonly seen looking for shelter during colder months. Not only the temperature is dipping during winters but also there is a shortage of food for a pest that is the reason they like to creep into domestic areas.