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You deserve the best service, especially when it comes to pest control. At Enviro Safe Pest Control, we have been providing a complete range of pest control services to the households and businesses across Croydon and the surrounding suburbs at very fair prices. We have an outstanding team of exterminators who can deal with all of the most prevalent pests of Croydon. Whether it is your home or business, we can make it completely pest-free using advanced pest control techniques.

Our Range Of Services Includes

Rat Control Croydon:

Having rodents in your property is not a joke. The health and safety of your loved ones depend on your ability to keep these pesky animals outdoor. Our rodent control service is designed to keep your home completely rat and mice-free for the long haul.

Possum Removal Croydon:

There are certain regulations that need to be followed while trapping a possum. As a licensed possum removal company, we implement the right technique and get rid of these creatures from your property as quickly as possible in compliance with the set regulations.

Bee & Wasp Removal Croydon:

DIY treatments will not help with exterminating the entire colony of the stinging insects. Contrarily, it will put you at the risk of getting a painful sting. If you have wasp nests or bee hives in your garden or backyard, it is better to trust our professionals to handle your wasp and bee control needs.

Termite Control Croydon:

Termite infestation, when not unattended at the early stage, can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the property. When you call us to treat termite infestation, we will determine the level of infestation and implement the appropriate termite treatment to completely eliminate the colonies from your premises.

Sharing space with unwanted pests can make you feel stressed out. So, if you suspect any pest activity in your home, give our local exterminators a call on 1300 997 272. Let us come up with a tailor-made pest control plan to address your unique needs.