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Termites are the tiny white monsters that destroy wood and different wooden works. The termites can easily infest any place with good availability of food. The white monsters feed on the cellulose found in wood which is an integral part of the wood. Thus, the termites are potential threats to the doors, windows, furniture, books/papers, antique decorating items and other creations from wood. If you suspect the presence of termites in your property, contact the pest control Melbourne team at Enviro Safe Pest Control.

Habit & Habitat of Termites:

The termites inhabit in tropic and sub-tropic areas but also get adapted to other climates. These white monsters have the longest lifespan, and the queens live up to 40-50 years. The termites inhabit in colonies, and a single colony may consist of millions of termites. A colony consists of workers, soldiers, nymphs, reproductive males, and females. Size, shape, and works of the termites in a colony vary. Causing severe damages to woodworks, buildings as well as crops, the termites cause huge economic loss.

Identifying Termites:

  • Clicking sounds coming from the walls
  • Presence of flying termites called swarmers
  • Hollow or papery sounding timber
  • Mud tunnels in wood and in the surrounding areas
  • Piles of termite droppings

If you see any of these signs or symptoms in or around your property, you should take immediate action for termite control before the infestation gets severe and you suffer from huge loss of property.

How To Get Rid Of Termites?

The best way to get rid of termites is to have a team of pest control experts at your side. When you approach us for your termite control needs, we will come to your home and provide a thorough inspection to determine the severity of the problem and the right treatment method. Our exterminators can develop solutions that will minimise the use of chemicals in your home. Enviro Safe Pest Control assures you that your property will be free from these pests with our termite control treatments.

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Termites are the tiny white monsters that destroy wood and different wooden works. The termites can easily infest any place with good availability of food. The white monsters feed on the cellulose found in wood which is an integral part of the wood. Thus, the termites are potential threats to the doors, windows, furniture, books/papers, antique decorating items and other creations from wood. Finding termites on trees and wood materials is easy.

This destructive species of organisms are from the largest class of insect. Around 3106 species of termites got discovered to date. The termites inhabit in tropic and sub-tropic areas but also get adapted to other climates. These white monsters have the longest lifespan, and the queens live up to 40-50 years. The termites inhabit in colonies, and a single colony may consist of millions of termites. A colony consists of workers, soldiers, nymphs, reproductive males, and females. Size, shape, and works of the termites in a colony vary. Causing severe damages to woodworks, buildings as well as crops, the termites cause huge economic loss. Thus, the white monsters get regarded as dangerous pests.

You should take immediate action for Termite control before the infestation gets severe and you suffer from huge loss of property. Apart from damages to woodworks, the termites also are responsible for several health concerns. Learning about the health issues, you will certainly opt to take instant actions for eliminating the termites from your property and surrounding. Along the health concerns, you must also know about the other major concerns raised by the termites. You must take note of the symptoms of termite infestation so that you could take the appropriate actions for Termite treatment.

In Australia, there are a wide species of termites spread across the country. The treatment techniques vary with the species of termites. You must have an idea about different termite species found in Australia. You have options for implementing your DIY skills for eliminating the termites and controlling their infestation. But the best Termite Pest Control technique is to hire a professional pest controller so that you get the best results that would last for a longer time!


Enviro Safe Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies. We offer a wide range of pest control treatments pan Australia. We appoint certified and insured pest controllers. Hiring insured pest controllers would minimize the risks of property damage. You can claim compensation if any of the wooden objects get damaged while the treatment process is ongoing. But, the claims are considerable if the damaged objects or property’s condition was good before implementing the treatment techniques. Our pest controllers are well-trained and highly dedicated to their work. The professionals handle their works responsibly and work being highly cautious to prevent any damages.

Hiring the right pest controller is a challenge! You can find numbers of pest controllers in Australia. The long list would include highly experienced professionals as well as the new entrants. Before you hire any of the professionals, make sure to visit the agency’s official sites to collect maximum information about the agencies! The new entrants in the market may include frauds or inexperienced agencies. The new agencies would advertise their agency for delivering the best pest control treatments at the cheap price range to draw your attention. If you appoint such new entrants without having a license and experience, you could be at risk of damaging property and non-effective treatments. It is indeed a waste of time and money to appoint such pest controllers.

To get the best effective results of the expenses you make for pest control treatments, make sure to appoint experienced pest controllers. The licensed pest controllers would implement safe and effective techniques for eliminating and controlling the future infestation.


The chemicals we use for termite removal are 100% safe and eco-friendly. The chemical used by our experts are authentic and from world-class manufacturers.


Melbourne termite treatment price varies with the severity of infestation. The price also depends on the property size. Inspection of the entire property including the interiors and exteriors consumes a considerable amount of time. The professionals inspect the entire property to find the infested places and identify the species. After learning about the severity of infestation and area of infestation, the experts implement the pest control techniques that work fast and effectively. The overall cost of treatment largely depends on these factors.  


Yes! While implementing the treatment techniques, the residents in the residential space or the workers within the commercial spaces must stay away from the premises. We use different insecticides and other chemical-free treatment for effective results. Though the chemicals we use are eco-friendly, it could create nuisance and allergies. You need to leave the premises for at least an hour while the treatment process is ongoing. The experts will guide you and suggest the right time to enter the premises after the treatment.


The warranty period for termite treatment is one month. The termites reproduce fast and search for new places to dwell. The owners need to follow the safety rules for avoiding reestablishment of the small creatures in the surrounding.

How To Keep Your House Termite-Free

Have you ever witnessed piles or heaps of wood scraps under your cot? It might be termites. They feed on your expensive furniture, and in years, they turn your house upside down.  It’s nearly impossible to detect their presence unless you see a considerable amount of damage to your property. Termites are hard to get rid of without professional help. That’s why it is best to hire a pest control service. Many pest control companies offer termite control protection to residences and commercial spaces.  If you value your house, having regular termite inspections can help you safeguard your wooden furniture and prevent your house from a lot of trouble.

Keep Your House Moisture- Free

Moisture is one of the main reasons that entice pests to come to your home. If you keep the house moisture-free, you can stop them from the invasion.

Fix The Leaks

Well, you never really thought about this. However, you must fix any dripping faucets or leaking pipes as these tend to decay your roofs, basements and more likely termites love to take shelter in these areas. Regular inspection of these areas and removing any decayed roof from the basement will ensure that your house is termite-free. These weaken the structure by feeding on the decayed woods.

Apply Borate On Wood

Borate is one of the termite repellents which chase the termites. Termites dislike the smell of borate and once you apply them on your wood, you can be worry-free about wooden furniture for decades. This strong solution works well in controlling termites.

Dry Infected Wood In The Sun

Sun is the natural repellent for termite-infected wood. They can’t withstand the heat and disappear from the wood quickly. It also helps in drying up any excess moisture from the wood. However, this method is well-suited in the summer. Also, if you suspect that your furniture has a termite infestation, you can apply the same method to get rid of them

When it comes to termite infestation, hiring a pest control company would be helpful in all aspects. If you’re looking for a termite control service, call our pest controllers from Envirosafe Pest Control to help you right away. For appointments, call 1300 997 272 today.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on Termite Treatment

    What is a Termite?

    Termites are a destructive pest. You must regularly book termite inspections in order to detect the early signs of infestation. An experienced and reliable pest manager can help you with the same in different ways.

    Through this blog, you will be able to gather a lot more information about these destructive pests and how you must manage them efficiently.

    How to identify Termites?

    There are certain signs of termites that help you realise their activity in your house. They include:

    • Hollow sounding timber (when you knock on timber and a hollow sound is produced, it means that termites have eaten it away)
    • The existence of mud shelter tubes that they build for protection. Usually, these can be seen in brick foundations.
    • Cracked plaster or paint (as termites consume timber, the structural integrity of the house is affected leading to cracks in plaster and paint)
    • Sagging doors and floors
    • Power failures
    • Weak skirting boards and door jams (a little bit of movement causes damage)

    A lot of homeowners try to notice and learn what do termites look like. They are nothing but tiny manifestations and don’t remain out in the open like insects, cockroaches, ants, and other pests. They prefer to remain in an environment that is humid, dark and protected. They form a colony of their own and are usually not easy to find.

    Changing temperatures and rainfall are some important factors leading to termite activity. The age of the property is also a crucial factor. If you ever notice a termite nest in your house, avoid adopting methods of termite control on your own. You might just further aggravate the problem.

    As soon as you notice termites, get in touch with a professional company who will devise an appropriate termite pest control plan. If you disturb the termites, they might abandon the area and create a nest elsewhere making it difficult for you to detect them again.

    Termites don’t just attack structural timbers. They can also be destructive with furniture, fabrics, footwear, clothes, paper products, building sealants, rigid foam insulation, and soft plastics. This damage is way more expensive than termite treatment cost and therefore, you mustn’t avoid a frequent inspection.

    How To Recognise And Get Rid Of Termites?

    A lot of homeowners notice that the wooden structures of their house are getting damaged but they may not know what is causing the same. This is nothing but the sign of the destructive nature of termites and you need to find someone who can professionally help to restore your sense of safety and comfort.

    Did you know – Each day, a termite colony can consume 5 grams of wood? Even though this is not much, if you don’t go in for the right termite treatment, they can continue to remain in your premises for years causing further damages.

    How To Reduce The Infestation Of Termites In Your House?

    A home termite inspection is one of the ways to detect them but how can you completely avoid their entry into your house?

    Here are some ways in which you can keep your house protected from termite activity:

    • Keep away moisture-related problems such as leaking pipes, insufficient ventilation, and poor drainage.
    • Check the surroundings of your property. You must not have garden beds or shrubs on the building edge covering weep holes. These holes are tiny gaps left between bricks to allow water drainage.
    • If you’re constructing a new house, the use of certain construction techniques and materials can reduce the risk of termite completely.
    • Remove any wood that is close to the ground around your house.
    • Don’t clutter areas under your house. Keep them free so that there is adequate ventilation.
    How to Perform a Termite Inspection?

    A termite inspection is taken care of by reputed and professional termite specialists. It is suggested that you book annual inspections for early detection of termite activity. This way, you prevent the chances of large-scale damage and save your furniture and other wooden fixtures from heavy destruction.

    As part of these inspections, trained experts also assess the condition of the premises for future termite prevention. They help you understand the ways in which you can minimise the chances of attack. Termites are popular in Australia and most homes are susceptible to termite attack.

    If the area you reside in is prone to termite infestation, you can schedule a termite and pest control inspection more than once a year. Make sure you are present at the time of the inspection. The common things that the inspector will evaluate include:

    1. Accessible timbers under the house and under the roof
    2. The interiors and exteriors of the building along with its surroundings
    3. Fences
    4. Gardens
    5. Other timber structures at a distance of 50 meters from the premises
    6. The susceptibility of the property to a termite attack

    Once the inspection is completed, you will receive an inspection report. The things typically included in this report are:

    • The areas of the house that were inspected
    • The level of termite activity
    • If termite activity is noticed, a termite solution along with termite treatment prices are mentioned
    How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally?

    Termites don’t take too long to chew through structural beams and cause massive damage. If you feel that you have identified early signs, you can try some ways of DIY termite treatment:


    This is a wonder material. It has been widely used for cleaning everything from your kitchen counter to your shower and you can also use it to kill termites. To prepare the termite killer, take half a cup of vinegar and to this, add the juice of two lemons. Put it in a spray bottle and spray in the areas where you suspect termite activity. Remember to spray it regularly so that you get rid of termites completely.


    Sodium borate, available in the market as borax powder, is an effective treatment for natural termite control. Mix the powder in water and spray around the area in which you feel there is termite activity. You can also simply sprinkle the powder in the areas you suspect.

    Just like the vinegar treatment, you will have to use sodium borate a couple of times before you can be sure that you have destroyed the entire colony.

    Orange Oil

    Another interesting solution for termite removal is the use of orange oil. This component is made from d-limonene and derived from orange peels. It is available at any of the home improvement or garden stores. Spray the oil in areas where a termite colony can exist.

    This oil is also one of the popular termite protection methods and prevents termites from entering your property. Therefore, it is a good idea to spray it regularly and be free from the worries of termites.

    Wet Cardboard

    If you’re wondering how to kill termites without hiring a professional company, you must know that termites are really fond of two things – cellulose and water. Put water on a piece of cardboard and you’ve prepared the perfect buffet for termites. Just place this cardboard bait in your house and it will definitely lure all the termites out. As soon as the termites come out in the open to binge on the piece of cardboard, take it out and burn it away, killing all the termites. You can do this often for better termite management.


    Sunlight is an enemy for termites. In fact, too much sunlight and heat can cause them to die. If you feel that a piece of furniture in your house is attacked by the pests and you want a solution for how to treat termites, you can drag it outside in the yard during the day. It won’t take too long for all the termites to die.

    If termites have attacked your home’s structure, you possibly can’t take the beams out in the yard but what you can do is set up UV lamps to shine on the area and remove all the termites.

    Methods for Termite Protection

    Termites can reach your house by traveling underground or through cracks in your concrete slab.

    Almost every Australian home is at the risk of getting attacked by termites, but you must not lose hope. There are several ways in which you can fight this damaging pest and protect your building or property against termites. Let’s take a look at them here:

    • Termite Monitoring

    This method makes use of unobtrusive termite bait stations. These are placed all around the perimeter of your property with the purpose of recognising termite activity. Termite companies will frequently check these stations to detect the presence of termites. There is no specific or suggested time for this method. It can be used at any stage of the building’s life.

    • Chemical Termite Barrier

    As part of this local termite treatment, a liquid chemical is applied to the soil. This can be beneath concrete flooring or around the exterior of the premises. Similar to termite monitoring, this method can also be used at any time.

    • Physical Termite Barriers

    This method is used during construction – when you are building the house or when you are adding a new extension to the existing property. This is one of the best termite protection methods since it is done at the time of construction and restricts termites from entering the structure. Once this is installed, termites remain in the open where they can easily be detected.

    Termite treatment companies install a layer of protective material creating a physical barrier for termites. This layer can be laid as a partial barrier to the surroundings of your building or before your slab is poured. This solution is also the answer to keep subterranean termites away from your home. Physical termite barriers can only be installed before construction and not at any stage of the building’s life.

    • Reticulation system

    This is an interesting and effective termite control treatment. It involves the installation of a network of underground pipes that will evenly flow a chemical throughout the foundation of the building and around the perimeter of the building.

    With the help of this system, repeated application of the chemical barrier is possible giving protection against termite attacks. Similar to physical termite barriers, this method can also be used before construction. The perimeter systems can be installed after the completion of the property but before paving and landscaping.

    Tips to Prevent Termites

    Here are certain tips with which you can try to prevent termites from entering your house:

    • Get rid of stored cellulose materials, debris, and timber from any areas of the house. Timbers stored in different parts of your house act as an attractive food source where subterranean termites would like to nest. It can also hide the presence of termites invading your home. If you want to get rid of termites, try to remove any extra timber, debris and dead leaves from your house.
    • Fix leaking pipes and taps. Moisture is an important factor attracting termites. You must remember to repair any leaking taps, pipes and hot water overflow pipes around or under your home. These usually add to the moisture levels and you don’t want the moisture to rise around your property.
    • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation. The vents in your subfloor areas must never be blocked. Blocked vents and substandard ventilation leads to high humidity and high moisture levels. This again can become a nesting site for subterranean termites. Install good ventilation and exhaust fans wherever necessary so that humidity and moisture levels are maintained.
    • Choose termite treated timber. A lot of houses have timber structures in garden beds, fence posts, and retaining walls. Remember to only use treated timber for these purposes or else you will start attracting termites.
    • Remove dead stumps or trees. If you don’t frequently clean your garden and have dead trees and stumps, you are providing termites the ideal sites to nest in. Get rid of these if you don’t want to spend on termite control products.
    • Keep hot water services and air conditioning overflows away from the house. Your stormwater runoff must have appropriate connections and no water must get clogged anywhere near the house.
    • Don’t let bushy gardens or climbing plants grow along with the structure. Termites get easy entry from climbing plants growing against the structure of your house. These entry holes are very difficult to detect. In fact, even the roots of some of the plants can penetrate the foundations of your house letting termites to enter. Leave a clearance gap of at least 30 cm. Discuss with your gardener to know more about notorious plants and trees that send roots under slabs close to home and avoid planting them.
    • Remove formwork timber once construction is completed. Formwork is temporary or permanent structures created to pour concrete or other materials at the time of construction. These can be attacked by termites to gain access into your homes. Ask the builder to remove any extra timber after the construction has been completed.
    • Be careful with additions and alterations as they make previous termite protection measures ineffective. When you renovate your existing property or add a pergola, veranda, or plumbing fixtures, it can lead to a route for the entry of termites as previously applied termite protection barrier is broken/damaged. Be aware of such mistakes.
    • Do not let termite shielding get damaged in any way. Metal strips along the perimeter of your house do not keep termites away but cause them to come out in the open. This makes it easier for the inspectors to detect their presence during a termite inspection.
    • Leave at least 75 mm of slab edge exposed. When making gardens, do not deposit soil right above the edge of the slab. Don’t close weep holes between brickwork and it’s better to leave them exposed.
    Are there Any Methods for Pre-Construction Termite Protection?

    If you utilise termite protection methods at the time of construction, you can significantly prevent the need for termite damage repair. 1 out of 4 houses in Australia is likely to be attacked by termites. It is recommended that you use a pre-construction termite protection system to stay away from paying termite removal cost.

    What is the Most Effective Way to Treat Termites?

    Now, you must be wondering which is the best termite treatment method to protect your home.

    If you are taking the wise decision to use a treatment method before construction or during an extension and renovation, termite control companies will suggest that you go with the installation of a physical termite barrier since it provides long-lasting termite control.

    Other methods that are highly effective include chemical soil treatments and reticulation systems. For these, you will need regulatory approvals and therefore, you must discuss with your builder beforehand.

    If your house has been attacked by termites as you have failed to take proper measures at the time of construction, you need to schedule a pest control termite treatment.

    Termite companies devise a safe termite treatment plan tailored as per your specific needs. This is effective and the best way to take action against termite attack.

    • In-ground termite monitoring and baiting

    This is a type of prevention and treatment. As mentioned above, unobtrusive termite bait stations are laid around your premises to find termites. Termite experts regularly visit to monitor these stations and as soon as termite activity is detected, bait is added to the system.

    Termites consume this toxic bait and take it back to the nest sharing it with others. This way the entire colony is eliminated.


    These termite stations act as a method to monitor other pests as well. Termite experts will visit your premises routinely and check for any such activity. With this treatment, you will have the ultimate protection from termites as well as other kinds of pests threatening your home and family.

    • Above-ground baiting

    Above-ground baiting is another termite infestation treatment. In this process, bait stations are installed inside the premises or other structures where termite activity is suspected. Termites come in contact with the bait and carry the intoxicant back to the nest. The entire nest is infected resulting in the elimination of the entire colony.


    The bait placed inside these stations is safe for pets and children. It is only palatable to termites.

    • Chemical barrier

    The liquid chemical barrier is an effective termite treatment for wood. It helps to keep your home and your family safe from the destruction of termites. This treatment has proven to prevent termites from destroying timber in your house in a few hours.

    The chemical is deadly only for termites and safe for pets and children. It removes termites from the property in just 90 days and acts as a soil barrier restricting termite entry in the future.


    This is one of the most effective termite treatments as results are seen within hours and you can enjoy immediate reassurance. The liquid chemical has advanced transfer properties which help in controlling the termite colony and reducing the risks of termites returning.

    How much does Termite Treatment Cost?

    Termite control should not be taken lightly. If you notice any visible evidence of their existence, you must act quickly. If left untreated, they could be causing significant damage to your property, especially if your home has many timber structures.

    There are several tips and many natural treatments to prevent termites and to kill them. However, the most effective and safest way to get rid of these destructive pests is to work with a professional termite company. These companies have the right termite control products, ensuring that your property is safe sooner than you thought it could be.

    Termite Control Cost depends on a number of factors. They include:

    • the extent of the termite problem – Has termite just begun to form a nest in your house or there are several colonies in different areas? Is there a path that they have defined to enter or are just building their route? Do termites have exit holes?
    • the areas to be treated/the size and construction of your house – do you only need the treatment in the perimeter of your house or also on the inside?
    • the treatment method used – termite sprays are cheaper compared to termite baiting and soil treatment

    First of all, you need to begin with a termite inspection. This can be done prior to construction or in your existing house. Typically, an inspection will cost you between $250 and $600 depending on the size of your property.

    Next is the termite protection cost. This will vary from $300 to $10,000 depending on the treatment you choose and the level of infestation. Sprays cost lesser and can tackle smaller damage while soil treatment is the longest lasting way to keep termites away from your home and costs much higher, starting from $2500.

    Before anything else, your first step should be to arrange for a thorough inspection of your property so that you are assured of their presence.

    Termite Treatment Cost Melbourne

    The termites are well known for damaging properties, but these white monsters also are responsible for affecting human health!    


    Health concerns

    The termites are well known for damaging properties, but these white monsters also are responsible for affecting human health!    


    Preparation needs to be done before treatment

    Before you decide to implement the DIY treatment techniques


    Other concerns

    The white monsters never sleep, and a single female termite can lay up to 30, 000 eggs per day!Such factors raise the signs of  severe


    DIY treatments

    Termite infestation is a major threat to your property! You need to take preventive measures immediately to eliminate


    Thing you should know

    Enviro Safe Pest Control is one of the leading pest control companies. We offer a wide range of pest control treatments pan


    Symptoms of termite infestations

    The termites avoid sunlight and prefer to live in dark places. The monsters become


    Chemical free treatment

    Apart from the insecticides, you can also implement certain home remedies to eliminate the termites from your property.


    Areas we treat

    Enviro Safe Pest Control is a certified and licensed pest controller company. We have appointed highly experienced