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Enviro Safe Pest Control is one of the trusted and reliable pest control service providers in Melbourne, delivering pest control and removal solutions to homes and businesses in Burnley and surrounding areas.  Pests are not only annoying; they are harmful to your health, property, and the environment. That’s why it takes our experienced and highly-skilled pest control experts to handle the problem. Our pest controllers know how to provide a pest inspection and offer accurate pest control solutions to meet your needs.

As pests vary by season, you should at least hire our pest control service once in 6 months to ensure that your property is safe. This ensures that seasonal pests are not thriving inside and helps you lead a peaceful routine.

Our Range Of Services Includes

Rat Control Burnley

Rats are the most common pests that are a nuisance and a potential threat to any home or office. If  you already have a rat infestation or suspect a rat’s presence, take help from rat and mice control experts. They can eradicate all types of rats and can handle an infestation to any extent with super-effective rat control solutions. We also provide rat-proofing to prevent your building from rat entry.

Possum Removal Burnley

We offer humane-friendly possum removal solutions to households and commercial properties in Burnley and nearby areas. As possums are protected wild animals, we make sure to remove them from your property safely, move them to their habitat and guarantee peace of mind for our customers.

Bee & Wasp Removal Burnley

Having beehives or wasp nests inside the property can be alarming. The sting of bees or wasps can be utterly painful and allergic to sensitive people. Our professional bee and wasp nest removal helps to eliminate the nest safely and recommends preventive measures to keep your home pest-free.

Termite Control Burnley

When you suspect the presence of termites at home, you need to hurry before things go out of hand. Our termite control professionals offer in-depth termite inspection to detect the presence of termite colonies in your home or office wood structure and deploy effective treatment to eradicate them.

We also deal with various pests like ants, cockroaches, bird mites, flying insects, lawn pests, and more. If you are dealing with any pest infestation, please contact us on 1300 997 272 and our team will help you out.