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Yearly pest inspection is important to keep the invading creatures away from your property. For comprehensive pest control services in Kew, turn to Enviro Safe Pest Control. With the use of specialised techniques and advanced equipment, we have been providing tailored pest control solution to businesses and households across Kew and the surrounding suburbs for many years now.

Our Range Of Services Include

Rat Control Kew

If you have got rodents lurking around your home, you should have our rat removal team to handle the situation. Rats and mice can grow in numbers in a short span of time and spread nasty diseases to the occupants. We offer effective rodent control treatments that provide ongoing protection to your property against rats and mice.

Possum Removal Kew

Possums are very persistent and can quickly make your home their house by establishing their nests in the roofs or attics. That’s why you need our skilled possum removal experts who are expertly trained to trap possum in a safe and humane way as recommended by the Government Of Australia.

Bees And Wasp Nest Removal Kew

It can be quite difficult to deal with stinging insects such as bees and wasps, especially if you don’t have prior experience in it. We have specially trained professionals who are skilled at discovering the source of these insects and exterminating the same. Equipped with protective gears, our experts can also assist you with beehive and wasp nest removal.

Termite Control Kew

If you notice mud-tubes, damaged wood, live insects or swarmer, then it is very clear that your property has been infested by termites. However, don’t fret. We have a team of dedicated termite control experts who will conduct thorough termite inspection and come up with a customised termite treatment plan that can eliminate the current infestation as well as prevent their recurrence.

Don’t let the pests invade your home! Call us on 1300 997 272 for a quick, safe and effective pest control solution.