1. Are your chemicals safe to use inside the house?

We use environment-friendly chemicals that are safe to use in the interiors. The chemicals won’t leave a terrible smell and won’t affect your health. 

  1. Are your chemicals safe for kids and pets?

The chemicals we use are clinically tested and certified to be safe for kids and pets. The chemicals don’t harm anyone in anyways leaving the ants dead!

  1. How long it takes to do pest control?

It depends on the severity of infestation. A significant part of the time gets consumed while inspecting the entire area to find the nests and identify the species. Application of the pest control techniques after identifying the nests works fast.

  1. How does the bait work?

The Ant Baits kill the ants in their nests! In situations, when the pest controllers fail to invade the dwelling space, they place Ant Baits. The baits are foods laced with small amounts of poison. The baits are very attractive for which the worker ants get attracted towards the substance. They feed on it and carry it to the nest where the bait transfers to the other ants including the ant queen. The bait kills all of them easily spreading to the ants in the entire colony!



Health concerns

Ants can carry any bacteria and would transfer them to food as well as open wounds.


DIY Products

Most of the ant species dwell in the exteriors and build nests in soil or trees


Our Services

If you want to get rid of the ants, you must deploy the best Ants Treatment technique


Ant Treatment Cost

The Ant Control and treatment techniques get tailored according to the requirements