People having bird pets, or farmers having poultry farm, or people having bird nests in and around their dwelling space can get infested by the bird mites. If you are a victim of bird mites, you need to look around for the symptoms associated with bird mites.

  • Frequent itching sensation on the skin
  • Pinprick bites without or with wounds
  • An irritating sensation of crawling on skin
  • Small cuts or bite marks on the skin that heal very slowly
  • Tiny red dots walking around the house or any assets commonly accessed by humans

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Health Concern

The bird mites feed on birds and also feed on humans as well as other animals. The mites don’t dwell


Bird Mite Symptoms

You won’t find bed bugs and their symptoms immediately. You can mark the symptoms after few days.


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There are several methods of Bird Mites Removal! Identifying the bird mites and the commonly accessed


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Things You Should Know

If you are unaware about the infestation hazards of bird mites, you must