Do you love implementing your DIY skills to tackle any situation? If yes, you will certainly opt for the DIY treatment techniques! You can find a wide range of cockroach control bunnings in the market! There are several sprays, powders, baits, etc. used popularly for killing the cockroaches but these techniques are not the permanent or long-lasting solutions for cases of severe infestation.

Most of the cockroaches get adapted to different insecticides, and the chemicals don’t work effectively on the pests. Additionally, the insecticides contain harmful chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets. As the harmful chemicals would remain in the environment for a long time, it can affect human’s health! Make sure to purchase the certified products that eco-friendly and safe for the environment as well as the humans. You also need to select the right insecticides or baits that would effectively work on the species of the pests. Without deep knowledge of the pests and the species, it would be difficult to achieve success in implementing your DIY skills. Hiring professionals for cockroach pest control Melbourne is the best answer!

  • To prevent infestation of cockroaches, you need to keep the surrounding clean and damp-free.
  • You need to eliminate the food sources, store dry foods in sealed containers or sealed plastic bags.
  • Regularly clean up the food debris under the sinks, from the food preparation areas and appliances.
  • Clean the garbage on regular basis and collect the waste materials in covered bins.
  • Remove the piles of newspaper or any boxes that are good hiding places for the pests.
  • Seal the entry points like pipes, cracks or gap under doors and windows.

Health Concern

Though cockroaches play a vital part in decaying organic matter; these pests pose a serious threat


Symptoms of infestations

Cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer to hide in cracks and crevices. The roaches enter


DIY treatments

Do you love implementing your DIY skills to tackle any situation? If yes, you will certainly


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