Enviro Safe Pest Control brings you effective solutions for controlling and removing cockroach infestation from your property! We have highly experienced pest controllers. The experts have a wide knowledge of different species of cockroaches found in Australia and also are well aware of different techniques that would effectively work for cockroach treatment Melbourne.

We use certified and eco-friendly baits and insecticides in solid and liquid form.

  • The gel bait we use effectively helps to control the cockroach infestation and eliminate the intruders. The bait contains low-dose insecticide. The risks of adverse effects are less for the low insecticide composition. The cockroaches ingest the gel and move to their nesting grounds. Their droppings and bodies get contaminated and affect other cockroaches. The contamination spreads fast within the large community for the domino effect and kills the entire population.
  • Our experts are well acquainted with cockroach fumigation process which is a traditional method of controlling cockroach infestation. This process involves the use of powerful insecticides along with gas to exterminate the pests within a confined place. The process also involves the steps of sealing the accessible points through which the infestation and accessing level is high. After sealing the area, the gas is sprayed to eliminate the entire population of cockroaches. The traditional but effective process involves heat treatment, entotherm heat treatment, and proactive cockroach control.

Steps of treatment

  1. First of all, our pest controllers examine the entire property to detect the nesting grounds and the severity of infestation.
  2. Our professionals select the treatment process depending on the area of treatment and the severity of infestation.
  3. Within the process, we detect the species of the pests.
  4. Implementing smart skills, effective techniques and using advanced tools, we apply the pest control and treatment techniques.
  5. The treatment techniques ensure pest control for an extended time.
  6. We have the best proven treatment solutions for the indoors as well as outdoors.
  7. We also provide aftercare services to ensure complete removal of the pests.
  8. We share the best tips you should follow to prevent the re-infestation of cockroaches.

Health Concern

Though cockroaches play a vital part in decaying organic matter; these pests pose a serious threat


Symptoms of infestations

Cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer to hide in cracks and crevices. The roaches enter


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Do you love implementing your DIY skills to tackle any situation? If yes, you will certainly


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Enviro Safe Pest Control brings you effective solutions for controlling and removing cockroach


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