Is our chemical are eco-friendly

The chemicals we use for rat removal are 100% safe and eco-friendly. The chemical used by our experts are authentic and from world-class manufacturers.

Cost of treatment

It depends on the severity of infestation. A significant part of the time gets consumed while inspecting the entire area to find the infested places and identify the species. Application of the pest control techniques after identifying the infested spaces works fast.

Do we need to leave the house and if so how long

Yes! While implementing the treatment techniques, the residents in the residential space or the workers within the commercial spaces must stay away from the premises. We use different insecticides for effective treatment. Though the chemicals we use are eco-friendly it could create nuisance and allergies. You need to leave the house for at least an hour while the treatment process is ongoing. The experts will guide you and suggest the right time to enter the premises after the treatment.

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period of Silverfish Removal Treatment is a period of one month. The silverfish reproduce fast and search for new places to dwell. The owners need to follow the safety rules for avoiding reestablishment of the tiny creatures in the surrounding.

Health Concern

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Symptoms of silverfish infestation

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DIY treatments

It is a tough task to get rid of the tiny monsters that damage your properties! It is not easy


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