Enviro Safe Pest Control is a team of well-trained pest controllers. Our pest control company is licensed and certified, and we appoint certified and insured pest controllers. We implement the best-proven techniques for Silverfish control Australia. We prepare a step-by-step plan for removing the silverfishes and prevent future infestation for an extended time.

  • We initiate our process with examining the entire property and detecting the infested spaces.
  • We also detect the silverfish species in the process that makes it easier for us to implement the workable treatment method.
  • The pest controllers eliminate different sources of that promote silverfish survival.
  • The experts dehumidify the damp surrounding and remove dusts using powerful vacuum cleaners targeting different probable spaces.
  • Our pest controllers also examine the kitchen and remove the accessible food sources.
  • We examine spaces under huge stones, rocks as well as leaf clutters and get it removed.
  • We use eco-friendly insecticides sprays certified to be safe and effective.
  • Spraying the insecticides we kill the silverfish in the infested areas.
  • We also apply insecticide dusts in the infested spaces to kill the silverfishes.
  • We fix the silverfish traps in different spaces that highly get targeted by the silverfishes, to prevent future infestation.

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Are silverfish harmful? There are no records of Silverfish bite and no evidence


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Enviro Safe Pest Control is a team of well-trained pest controllers. Our pest


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Enviro Safe Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured pest control service provider.