Possums in Melbourne are becoming more common and are invading numerous houses every year. Being nocturnal, they roam around the property during night, and defecating and urinating all over the place. Not only the possums feed on fruits and veggies, but also chew away the woodwork, causing extensive damages to the property. Whether you have possums outside your property, under a shed or in your garage, you must get them trapped and taken away to avoid further damages to your property. However, what would be the cost of possum removal melbourne? We have got an answer for you.

At Enviro Safe Pest Control, we have a transparent pricing option for possum removal. Our pest control experts will evaluate your property and consider various factors to come up with an upfront quote. Our price-determining factors include:

Size Of Your Home:

The size of your building is an important factor in determining the cost of possum removal. The bigger your house is, the more hidden places are. As inspecting a larger home takes up a substantial amount of time, the cost will also be higher.

Amount Of Work Required:

Another price determining factor is the amount of work required to prevent the possums from entering your home. This preventative work involves sealing all the entry points that the possums are using to get into your home.

Number Of Possums Present In Your Home:

The pest control companies use advanced tracking and monitoring devices to determine the number of possums present in and around your home. In fact, the possum removal costs also vary based on the location of their dreys.

Severity Of The Infestation:

The cost of possum removal directly correlates to the severity of the infestation. If your home has a huge number of possums, more traps and bait systems are required, which will obviously increase the price.

Number of Follow-up Visits:

As already mentioned, the possums are nocturnal and are quite difficult to eradicate in a single visit. Based on the severity of the infestation, two or more follow-ups may be required, which will influence the possum control price.

For an upfront quote for your possum removal in Melbourne, feel free to call Enviro Safe Pest Control experts at 1300 997 272.