The rats are nocturnal pests and hide from humans. You need to identify the symptoms of rat infestations.

  • If you hear scratching noise under the floors or in the walls, rats have infested the property.
  • Move your eyes to the floor corners to find dark and tapered droppings.
  • The rats excrete ammonia-like distinctive smell in the enclosed areas.
  • If you find bite marks on different assets like wooden furniture, plastic products, or any soft metal these are the symptoms of rat infestation.
  • If you most often find the food packages in your kitchen ripped off.
  • Search for rarely accessed places and hidden nests of rats.
  • Inspect the garden t find any burrows.

If you most often mark movements of rats in the surroundings.

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The rodents invade the property and cause lots of


Symptoms of Rat Infestations

The rats are nocturnal pests and hide from humans. You need to identify


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