The Moths are the silent enemies of your home, property, and belongings. Apart from being responsible for the losses and damages, the moths also are reasons behind certain health issues.

  • Some species of moths in their caterpillar stage remain covered with tiny hairs which are highly toxic. The tiny sharp toxic hairs cause skin rashes, itchy eyes, and also trigger asthma attacks when come in contact with humans.
  • The moths can also cause allergies. The tiny scales in their wings when coming in contact with humans or other objects, these become an airborne allergen. Similarly, fecal matter of the moths also causes allergies.
  • The wild moths bite humans as well as pets which causes swelling, itchy skin, and small red bumps.
  • Some species of moths sting and inject venom into the skin causing vomiting, headache, burning pain, and rashes on the skin. Venom spreads throughout the body which may affect other organs like lungs and kidneys.
  • The caterpillars may cause chronic health issues like joint pain, arthritis, etc.
  • The household moths contaminate food which develops several allergies (For More Details Click Here).

Health Concern

The Moths are the silent enemies of your home, property, and belongings


Symptoms of Moth

Moths are nocturnal and, are very hard to find unless the infestation gets severe


DIY Treatments

If moth infestation is a cause of worry, you can implement your DIY skills


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