Moths are nocturnal and, are very hard to find unless the infestation gets severe. These creatures avoid light and hide in dark places and slowly cause substantial damage to furnishing and clothing. Thus, it is essential to identify the moths and the infested areas. You need to note down the symptoms of moth infestation and implement the right Moth Treatment methods.

  • The clothe moths cause extensive damage to the natural fabrics like wool, cotton, etc. The larvae cause’ irregular shaped holes. It is easier to identify the moths, larvae, and caterpillars in the wardrobes which are safe and convenient places to nest.
  • The carpet moths also can be found in blankets, carpets, pillows, toys, curtains and other furnishing items.
  • The food moth or Pantry Moth is difficult to identify in their younger stage, but the adult moths fly in the kitchen and found on dried foodstuffs.
  • The moths tend to hide in dark locations and found in basements and attics.

If you mark any of these symptoms, inspect the entire property to trace the moths and identify the types of moths so that you can take appropriate prevention measures.

Health Concern

The Moths are the silent enemies of your home, property, and belongings


Symptoms of Moth

Moths are nocturnal and, are very hard to find unless the infestation gets severe


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If moth infestation is a cause of worry, you can implement your DIY skills


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