Before you gear up to deal with them, get to know them. So, What are March flies? Are they like wasps? Or Bees? Well, March flies are Australia’s large buzzing flies belonging to the family Tabanidae, known for their painful bites and blood-feeding behaviour on humans and animals. They thrive in various Australian environments, from coastal regions to forested areas. These pests are most active during the warmer months, causing discomfort and irritation with their presence. This biting habit is particularly noted in female March flies, which require blood meals to develop their eggs, similar to mosquitoes. And, this is why you need a pest control team to help you out. So, if you have been facing March Fly encounters, it’s time to get help from pest control services Melbourne.

Where Do They Live?

March flies do not create nests in the way that bees, wasps, or ants do. Instead, their lifecycle begins when females lay their eggs in suitable environments, often in or near bodies of water, moist soil, under leaf litter, or in other damp locations conducive to the development of their larvae. These are mostly nomadic, moving around in search of food (nectar for males and blood for females) and mates.

Painful Bites And Stings

March flies are a significant nuisance in outdoor activities due to their painful bites, which can cause swelling, redness, and irritation. The discomfort from their bites is attributed to the anticoagulant substances they inject while feeding, which can cause allergic reactions in some people.

How To Deal With Them?

Given their propensity for biting and their increased activity during Australia’s warmer months, taking precautions against March flies is advisable. Protective clothing, the use of insect repellents, and avoiding areas known for high March fly activity during peak times can help mitigate the risks and discomfort associated with these pests.

How March Flies Attack?

These flies are attracted to movement and carbon dioxide, making humans and pets prime targets during outdoor activities. While they do not bite or sting in the conventional sense, their sheer numbers and persistent presence can be overwhelming, leading to stress and discomfort.

Why Call Pest Control for March Flies?

Professional pest control services are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to address March fly problems at their source. They can provide customised solutions that ensure long-term relief from these pests, making outdoor spaces enjoyable again.

While March flies are a part of the natural ecosystem, their aggressive swarming behaviour can make the outdoors less enjoyable. By understanding their nature and taking proactive steps, individuals can mitigate the discomfort caused by these pests. However, for persistent or severe infestations, enlisting the help of our team at Enviro Safe Pest Control is the most effective strategy to reclaim your peace and comfort during the March fly season.

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