When your lawn is healthy, dense and green, it will be one of the most inviting parts of your home. However, when the turf is sick and brown due to pest infestation, it may lose its appeal. Enriching your knowledge about various lawn pests and arming yourself with an effective pest inspection melbourne plan will help ensuring that your lawn remains beautiful and healthy.

Signs and Symptoms of Lawn Pest Infestation:

One of the best ways to control lawn pests is to recognise them correctly, understand their common signs and treat them properly. Brown spots, bite marks on grass, wilting blades, dead and decaying patches on the turf layer are the common signs of pest invasion in your lawn. Holes in the soil, thinning or missing roots are the symptoms of underground pest damage.

Common Lawn Pests:

Sod Webworm:

These are turf-damaging larvae that can grow about 1 inch in length when mature. They become green or brown in colour with dark spots and have distinctive protrusion like a snout. The sod webworms feed on grass blades and stems, causing extensive and swift damages to the plants.


Armyworms grow to a length of 1 to 2 inches and vary in colour depending on the type. They hide themselves during the day and feed mostly in the early morning, evening or at night. These worms feed on grass blades and create circular bare spots in lawns.


Cutworms are gray or brown in colour with striping and can grow about 2 inches long. They shelter in underground burrows during the day and feed on the grass during the night. Short grasses are damaged extensively, leading to dead spots in the yard.

White Curl Grubs:

White grubs, the most damaging lawn pests, are the c-shaped larvae that feed on lawn grass roots below the soil surface.  The damage caused by grubs begins with the sign of wilted grass blades, leading to brown turf patches and eventual death. In the late spring and early summer, the damaged turf comes off the soil and reveals the grubs underneath.

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