rat control

The rodents invade the property and cause lots of damages. The rats damage the structures as well as different assets which may include expensive electronic equipment or simply the electrical wirings. Apart from damaging the property, the rats waste food. Rat also cause extensive contamination of food.  Considering rat control is necessary for the kitchen and to save the equipment which are connected with wire.

The pests contaminate the food with their waste/droppings, fur, and saliva. If humans come in contact with rat urine or feces, it will affect them with the potentially lethal virus. Leptospirosis is a disease transmitted to humans if they come in contact with rat urine which can cause the lungs to bleed.

If a rat bites, humans will suffer from fever for the saliva comes in contact with the blood. The rats carry parasites like fleas that cause deadly bubonic plague. The rat-borne parasites also cause rickettsial diseases.

All above reason are more than enough to consider a professional rat control help.

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The rodents invade the property and cause lots of


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The rats are nocturnal pests and hide from humans. You need to identify


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