• Turf and brown spots on the grass bed is a common symptom of pest infestation.
  • With dead or dying grass patches it is easier to identify a pest infested lawn.
  • Signs of underground pest infestation include holes in the soil and damaged or missing roots.
  • Damaged grass blades and leaves of other plants in the lawn are symptoms of pest infestation.
  • Growing numbers of toads and other organisms that feed on small creatures, within the lawn resemble pest infestation.
  • If suddenly varieties of carnivore birds start accessing the lawn, it is for the pest infestation.
  • If you find ant nests in the lawn, be careful.
  • If your pets and kids start scratching their skin after spending some playful hours on the lawn, it is because of the insects and bugs.
  • If you experience a problem in breathing rather than feeling fresh in the lawn, it could be for the pest infestation.
  • If suddenly you find different intruders within the interiors, the pest infestation is on the rise!

You must not ignore any of the symptoms or else the infestation could grow extensive damaging your lawn and healthy lifestyle.


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