Are we losing the race against rodents? It seems so because the damages caused by these ravening creatures have become intense in the recent times. Even after looting the fields, crops, machineries and homes across the country, the appetite of the rodents has still not been quenched. They are chewing on everything that comes in their way. Recently, a New Castle family has happened to afford their luxurious four-wheel drive Land Rover to a ravenous rodent which destroyed its interior to the core and led to the damage costing around $20,000.

Trip To The Hunter Valley:

Luke Tilse took the Land Rover to his family’s orchard located at Moonan Flat in April to celebrate his relative’s 90th birthday. He stayed there overnight which has turned out to be an expensive night away for him. A week later, he notices some holes in the hard core rubber floor mats which got bigger and bigger eventually.  As Mr Tilse did not see any rodent, he believed that his car was getting deteriorated. When he noticed bite marks in all the armrests and leather on the consoles, he got perplexed and took his vehicle to a mechanic.

Damage Bill Hits $20K:

Mr Tilse took his luxury Land Rover to a mechanic shop managed by Garry Van Dijk who said that it would cost around $10,000 to inspect the car, whereas the total cost to fix all the problems would come around $19,600. Mr Tilse was shocked dash to see the damage bill as he has to spend a lot of money and time to bring back his vehicle to its original condition. Now, it is going to be two months without his car as the dealership should get all the different parts needed to replace the damaged ones.

Nesting Under Carpet:

Garry Van Dijk said that they had to disassemble the whole car apart so that they could take the interior out of the vehicle.  While stripping the parts, they found only one rodent which had been living under the carpet and chewed on the seats, armrests, door trips and consoles. The rodent has hauled the wet wipes into the dashboard and in the vents to make nests. Its faeces were found throughout the car, so the undamaged parts have to be cleaned and sterilised before being put back in.

Insurance Coverage:

The Insurance Council of Australia said that most of the car insurance policies did not provide coverage for the damages caused by vermins, but there are some policies available that may cover certain damages like a fire caused by the rodents chewing through the electrical wiring. The Insurance Council also suggested policy holders to contact their insurer to have their individual cases assessed. Mr Tilse got some relief because his insurance covered the cost of repairs.

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