Are bees in your worry list? Well, you don’t have to be anymore. Though bees are not friendly insects, they do share a fair amount of contribution to the ecosystem through pollination and give us delicious honey to consume. In a way, they are helpful to us and are of great importance. Well, they can be called ‘friends of the earth’ as well. However, having their colony on our premises is something that we don’t want to experience because of the painful sting they do. Well, in such a case, if you spot a beehive in your property, the first and best thing to do is to call a professional beekeeper or a bee removal melbourne service. They’ll inspect your property and safely remove them from your space without hurting the bees. So, here in this blog, we’re going to look at some surprising facts about bees and why you need them.

So, Why do We need Bees?

  • Bees are the most effective pollinators unlike others for they visit many more flowers and carry more pollen between them. Almost 90% of the crops that you consume and use are visited by bees. Even flies, moths, beetles can also pollinate, but they visit flowers only to feed themselves. However, bees do more than that. Moreover, farmers rely on a wide variety of bees for their ability to pollinate their produce.

  • Natural pollination by the right type of bee improves the quality of the crop.

  • Bees are important to us for they are giving us the nutritious honey and they must be protected for a healthier & balanced environment. They support the growth of trees, plants, and flowers and almost one-third of the foods we consume today are pollinated by them.

How Can We Help Save Bees?

As you’ve read the importance of bees, you might not want to exterminate or kill. Instead, you can hire a bee control melbourne professional to help safely move their hive from your space without killing them. Also, try not to use toxic pesticides or fertilisers to grow your plants, which in turn is harmful to bees.

Bottom Line

Before you say toodle to them, make sure to call the eco-friendly pest control Melbourne services – Enviro Safe Pest Control and remove them from your property in a safe manner. For inspections, call 1300 997 272.