Just imagine you are enjoying a backyard BBQ meal with your friends, and suddenly a wasp appears in front of you and chases you wherever you go. What will you do? Will you run for life or stay still without making a move? Well, your first instinct would be running away from it, but if you do so, it starts chasing you. Why do they do so? The answer is simple – they feel threatened and are trying to protect their nests. So, what will you do when you are chased by a wasp? Let’s tell you everything you need to do when a wasp chases you. If you can’t hire a professional wasp nest removal melbourne company for controlling wasps from your home.

Reasons Why Wasps Chase You:

When you see a wasp, you immediately start waving the arms or start running. As you increase your move, the wasps will think you as a threat and do whatever needed to keep you away from the nest. It can even sting you if you keep increasing your movements.

What Should You Do When Wasps Approach You?

If you are standing very close to the nest, stay as calm as possible or try to get away from that place as wasps will not chase you when you are around 50 to 100 feet away.

If you see wasps around you, try not to run or make quick moves. Don’t scream or get away from the wasps. If it feels that you are threatening, the wasp will defend and protect their colonies by stinging. They assume you as a threat and start to chase you.

What To Do When You See A Wasp Nest?

When you see a wasp nest, try to stay as far as you can and don’t try to remove the nest by yourself. The best thing you can do is to call the wasp control melbourne team of Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 immediately you see a wasp nest. Our wasp removal melbourne experts will assess the situation and come up with a safe wasp nest removal plan to execute.