In short, yes! Call it the season of rats or prime time for rats, autumn is the best season for them. Not only are rats creepy, but they’re also sneaky, dirty and carry diseases to your home. It’s why you must always rely on rat control Melbourne to help you to clear them. No matter the season, they’re forever ready to sneak into your house for shelter, eat and breed in your property. Autumn turns out to be the prime time for rats as the temperatures drop a bit & leave fall & a lot of debris and hideouts. They look for a warm, dry and comfortable place. If you’re looking to protect your house from rats this autumn, here’s what you should do.

Seal Windows & Doors

Mice & rats are well-known to squeeze their body to enter into your body. As the temperatures are likely to drop a little, pests look for an opportunity to enter your home. So look for cracks or any other damage in the frame and window panes, cover them & install door meshes to prevent entry.

Use Mesh Screens To Cover Vents

Whether it’s an air conditioning system or any water-using electrical appliance, it needs to have a proper ventilation system. When the ventilation area is covered with mesh screens, the sneaky critters can’t enter inside the home.

Clear Clutter

From your garden, attics, basements all get messed up during autumn & this is where rats find their way to your home. Ensure to clean and clear the hidden corners and keep the area clean and sanitised. You can vacuum & dust every room with recommended cleaning services and ensure to get help rat removal melbourne services if you suspect their presence.

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