When it comes to summer pests, most people think of insects like ants, flies, roaches and mosquitoes, but did you know that mice and rats are actually a big threat for homeowners during the summer months? Yes, rodents are not just a winter and fall pest, but they take advantage of shelter, water and food that your home provides them all through the year. Don’t let these rodents to ruin your summer days. Here are a few rat control tips that help you prevent your home from being invaded by these fuzzy pests this summer.

Tips To Prevent Rat Infestations:

  • Seal any cracks or gaps found in the foundation of your home
  • Cover your chimneys with tight-fitting caps
  • Trim down the overgrown trees away from your home
  • Remove trash and garbage from your home regularly
  • Wash dishes immediately after every meal.
  • Keep trash cans outside or a few feet of distance away from your home
  • Keep your basement and storage areas free of clutter
  • Repair any holes or gaps found on your roof line

What Drives Rats Inside Your Home?

If you think that the rats love living outside during summer and will not come inside your home, then you are absolutely wrong. The temperatures in Melbourne can get extremely hot and drive rodents into our temperature controlled homes, providing shelter and protection from the heat. Once they get inside, rats will start establishing their nests in crawl spaces and basements that make the perfect home for these furry creatures in summer.

Rodents are the most nuisance pests, so keeping them out of your home is important for many good reasons. If you are currently experiencing problems with rats or would like to prevent such problems this upcoming summer, call the rat control melbourne experts of Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today. We offer long lasting rat removal melbourne solution that keeps these household invaders away from your property throughout the year.