Looking for ways to control wasps? Well, this is a risky operation. Bees or wasps both are a hindrance to your outdoor activities and summer picnics. Moreover, many people get confused with bees and wasps. Bees are a little plump than wasps and have a hairy body. While wasps have attractive yellow and black patterns on their bodies and have wings. It has a pinched waist and they are close cousins to bees. Bees can sting only once, while wasps are stronger, and can hit you multiple times if they feel threatened. Wasp stings can hurt severely. So it is better to arm yourself with preventive measures. Wasps are easy to spot as they visit your outdoor balcony or patio that has food spills or leftovers. Here, we help you with simple methods to control wasps from entering your home. If you can’t control, you can simply hire a Wasp Control Melbourne professional company for all your wasp removal needs!

How can you do the first line of defense? Well, here you go.

Plant Aromatic Herbs

Any strong-smelling herbs are an irritant to wasps. They don’t like the smell of medicinal plants like eucalyptus, spearmint, citronella, and more. If you keep these plants around your balcony or patio, these wasps have to reconsider before entering your zone.

Cover the holes

Check for any openings or holes like cracked windows, open vents, torn meshes; they can easily make their way to build a nest under your roof if you don’t seal it properly. If you want to stop them, cover all the holes accurately.

Clean The Food Spills

Foods like bread crumbs, fruits, juice spills can easily get the attention of these wasps. So, in case if you are having a dinner or a small picnic at your backyard or garden or patio, you must clean up the mess soon after the party to ensure the place is neat and free from these flies.

Hire A Pest control Service

If these wasps are buzzing around your space, you must take the help of bee removal melbourne professionals who are professionals in clearing the wasp net removals, and you help you enjoy the harm-less environment with the best pest control methods.

If you are facing a wasp infestation at home, you can call the professional exterminators at Enviro Safe Pest Control Melbourne. You can reach us on 1300 997 272 to schedule a free pest inspection.