There are two certain things that will lure rodents inside your home: food and water. If you have eliminated all water and food sources, they will look for another place to sustain. Here are some tips to protect your food storage from mice and rats.

Solve The Mouse Problem First:

 If you have one or two mice in your home, you can catch them easily by setting up a few traps. However, if you have got a severe infestation of mice, it is important to seek the help from pest control experts. The longer you have rodents in your home, the greater the damages that they will cause to your property.

Seal All Points Of Entry:

Mice can squeeze even through the smallest crevices, so seal up everything you can. Cover small cracks with steel wool, copper wool, caulk, putty and rodent-proof spray foam. For larger cracks, you can use hardware cloth, concrete and mesh metal sheets.

Transfer Food into Containers:

Simply storing your food in the cabinet won’t protect your food from these rodents as they can gnaw through food packaging. Instead of leaving the packages simply on the shelves, transfer the food into containers made of glass, metal or heavy-duty hard plastic. Without access to the food, the rodents will move away from your property.

Use Refrigerator & Freezer:

Another way to protect your food from mice is to store them in freezer and refrigerator. When the food is stored in the pantry, the rodents can sneak in through the small gaps and chew through the packages. However, when you store food in refrigerator and freezer, the rodents can’t squeeze themselves through them as they are sealed shut.

Invest in Metal Cabinets:

If you prefer storing food in the pantry, you can invest in metal cabinets. They are extremely harder and difficult for the rodents to chew through.

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