Pests are everywhere. Your house provides plenty of shelter and food supply & water, and this is why they have been visiting your homes now and then. Moreover, pests are carriers of diseases, which is another red flag to get them out from the property. The risk of getting an infection from the pests is much greater during this period. With the COVID-19 impact, everyone stays indoors, this quarantine makes a great time to evaluate the state of your home. Pest infestation is dangerous, and especially during this period, you must take immediate action to get rid of the pests away from your home. If you want your home to be cleaner and pest-free, you can call in the pest control melbourne professionals here are some ways you can make it pest-proof.

Check Your Exteriors

The exterior of your home is the place where pests find their way to enter your home inside. Many pests can fit through the small holes, and you must make the exterior of your home uninviting to pests. You can clear the overhanging branches that get close to your home and bushes and plants that are just beside the walls.

Keep The Mulch Away

Mulch and fallen dried leaves are a haven for pests of all kinds. Since they are full of moisture, it makes them want to hide inside. If you have a garden or hedge near your home, make sure to change the mulch often to keep it fresh and uninviting to pests.

Seal The Cracks & Crevices

Every home has many entryways for pests. Pests like rats can enter through small gaps in homes and places that have a lot of moisture, which is a sure invitation for them. So, you must make sure that these places stay as dry as possible.

Fix Everything

Check all the plumbing, line, broken windows and gutter, and block all the entry points, and make your home unappealing for them to get inside.

Bottom Line

By pest-proofing your home not only makes them ready for holidays; but also, offers a sense of safety for a peaceful living. If you’re looking for pest removal services in melbourne, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.