Possums have become an issue in many urban areas in Australia. They have adapted to humans and have moved into local neighbourhoods & residences. Just like rats, possums have become a nuisance for people by messing with the trash bins, devouring pet foods and harming the pets. So, possum control in residential areas is a high concern these days. So, to make them understand that your house is unlikely, you need to make some alterations to your home structure or take annual or quarterly pest control melbourne company for inspections to ensure your property is safe and free from pests. If you’re looking for no-entry signs for possums, here’s what you should do. If you can’t simply hire a professional possum removal melbourne company for all possum removal needs!

Fix The Gaps & Holes

Just like rats, possums can enter the home using holes and crevices. So, cover any openings and look for any cracks and fix them as early as possible. If you have a wooden deck near your garden, check them often to see if any of these are hiding underneath.

Keep Your Garden Trimmed & Clean

Are you having a huge bushy garden? You must trim tree branches to at least 50ft from your homes roof as possums can use the overhanging branches to enter your roof. Possums are wild animals, meaning that they’re good climbers as well and take any possible opportunity to enter your house.

Install Grid Screens & Meshes

An inexpensive way to stop possums from entering your home is grid screens. The grid screens prevent your low decks from possums. Also, you can be worry-free about any pest invasion. You can install door and window meshes for added protection.

Cover Your Trash Bins

Possums are messy animals. They love to check your trash bins to see whether any leftovers are there to eat. If you keep the bin uncovered, make sure to cover your outdoor bins. Leaving your outdoor bins uncovered will attract possums and other wild animals due to the presence of food.

If you have troubled by possums or want to get rid of them from your property, call to our possum control melbourne company Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.