Are you hearing that weird, squeaking sound often from your house at night? It might be the rats. That is, living the best of their time at your home. Yes, Even if you keep your house clean, these rodents can make their way to occupy a space at your home. What compelled them to get into your house are the dark corners and cubby holes that your home offers. Other factors like the food cooked kept open for long hours, hiding places, dusty heaps of newspapers, stocked groceries invites them. Here, we help you with some amazing tips to keep them at bay. If you can’t, you can hire a rat removal Melbourne professional company for all your rat & rodent control services.

Seal the holes

An interesting fact is that Rats need drinking water, they usually make holes near the water sources and run back and forth around your kitchen. It is important to check for any unsealed holes or openings and get them completely closed.

Turn their favourite foods against them

Crops, nuts, cheerios, groundnuts are rats favourite. Mix a spoon of rat kill powder or paste in their favourite foods. These baits can work. However, rats are aware of their foods. At first, they take a nibble, and if it is not harming them, they gorge on it totally. Which is why you must keep a fresh and attractive bait to catch them.

Take the help of Onions

Not only does this make you cry, but rats. Rats hate the smell of onions and would not want to stay. Using onion juice spray or keeping fresh onion on their hiding places can make them leave.

Hire a Pest Control Service

If your effective baits and DIY methods fail, you can take advantage of a reputed pest control service. Being professionals in terminating the pests and rodents, they can examine your house and employ the best pest control methods to eradicate the rat infestation.

Whatever pest problem you are dealing with, you can trust the experts at Enviro Safe Pest Control. Our professionals are here to ensure that your home is pest-free. Contact our pest control Melbourne experts at 1300 997 272 to schedule a free pest inspection.