Possums are regular visitors to Australian households and no wonder they are friendly creatures. They often live in hollow nests and sometimes they find a better alternative, i.e. nothing but your house roofs. This is why possum control melbourne professionals are needed to keep your home safe & secured. They are active at night and produce loud noises when threatened. When the fall season rolls in, these would move to your house and take shelter in your attic. It is because they have easy access to food and water and a warm atmosphere. So they are not going to leave your home anytime sooner. But, here in this blog, we’re going to tell you some helpful tips to stop these serious critters from sneaking your property.

Screen Vents

Possums often find their home through broken screen vents and windows. So ensure that your roof lines are properly sealed. When you screen these items with proper methods, you can prevent these from entering your home.

Trash Cans

They are dirty creatures and can seriously mess your trash cans. If the trash cans are properly covered with sealed lids, the possibility of damage is more. When you cover it with lids, it is difficult for them to dine on your leftovers and other kitchen rubbish.

Bird Feeders

Possums are attracted towards bird feeders and you can see the water and fruits seeds go often missing from the bird feeders. They gorge on nuts and fruit seeds and if you provide them with what they need, you may attract them easily. Also, place the birdbath or bird feeders on places where they can’t reach easily.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Do not let your yard pile up a huge amount of leaves, and debris. Over time, the accumulation may get severe and become a favourite spot for small animals like possums. So, keep your yard clean and trimmed and check for branches that lead to patios or windows.

Bottom Line

If your house is infested by possum infestation and looking for possum removal melbourne services, give Enviro Safe Pest Control a call on 1300 997 272.