Have you been noticing a lot of honey bees swarming on your property? If yes, you may have a honey bee nest nearby. Unfortunately, these nests are often hidden and could be a bit difficult to spot. That’s why it is highly recommended to call the bee removal melbourne specialists who can handle the situation better. If you are wondering where these bees make their nest, here is an interesting article for you. We have listed a few common places where honey bees build their nest.

Siding And Brick:

 Brick and siding usually have gaps for ventilations, making it easier for bees to build their nest behind them. If not spotted and dealt with it early, this nest can grow quite large and can be difficult to remove.

Eaves & Soffits:

As eaves and soffits are often remote, they serve as a great nesting place for bees. Eaves and soffits are very close to the roofline, and when the bees start to nest in your roof, they might cause extensive damages which could be costly to fix.

Concrete Blocks:

Concrete blocks usually have gaps, making them a perfect and safe place for the bees to build their nest. As that of brick and siding, these nests could be hard to spot, so you need to have a pest control professional to find and remove them properly.

Sheds & Garage:

Sheds and garages in your backyards will not receive much traffic, so they make a perfect nesting ground for these stinging insects. They usually build their nest under flood boards as these places usually go unnoticed.


Yes, you heard it right! Bees can build their nest underground too. The obvious sign is mounds of mud resembling anthills but they have larger openings.

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