So, you have decided to buy a new home. Congrats! You have made a good decision, but are you sure that the house you are interested to purchase is really worth the money you would like to invest in? As a potential home buyer, you may focus on the cosmetic features of the property. However, you may not be aware of serious pest control problems that lurk under the surface. To make your investment beneficial, pest control melbourne have come up with professional advice for you.

Pests And Their Effects:

Pests such as termites and rodents can cause costly damages to the homes, whereas cockroaches, ants, stinging insects can cause serious health problems. So, when it comes to buying a new home, it is important to hire a pest inspection melbourne team that can conduct a thorough inspection and provide an unbiased report on the property’s condition.

Look For Potential Pest Issues:

Pests prefer areas that are out of the way to hide and protect themselves from dangers. While spotting pests is difficult, certain signs and symptoms can help you confirm their presence. Let us see some of the common pests in Melbourne homes and their warning signs.

Bugs and Insects:

Bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, bees and wasps are a great nuisance to humans as they cause health problems and painful sting. To ensure that your new home is free from these annoying creatures, look out for signs below:

  • Look for dead or live insects as they could symbolise the pest problem.

  • Gaps more than ¼-inch in size can give easy access to bugs and insects.

  • Big ant mounds in the yard could represent fire ants.

  • Look up in trees and your building’s structure for stinging insects’ nests.


Termites, also known as silent destroyers, can chew through the wood and flooring, causing severe damage to a home’s structure. The obvious signs of termite infestation include

  • Mud tubes along basement walls, crawl spaces and exterior foundation.

  • Damaged wooden fences and decks in the garden

  • Hollow sounding or weakened wood


Rodents such as rats, mice and possums usually enter homes in search of food, water and shelter. Besides causing structural damages to your property, they will also carry dangerous germs and diseases. Signs of a rodent infestation include

  • Sightings of tell-tale pallet droppings

  • Scratching noises behind walls, ceiling and floors

  • Chewed or gnawed wiring of home appliances

If you still can’t decide whether your dream home has a pest infestation or not, call the pest control experts of Enviro Safe Pest Control to examine the property and identify potential pest issues. For appointments, contact us at 1300 997 272.