Rats are a headache for most house owners. Though there are different species in the world, house rats are becoming a threat to households and commercial spaces. Rat infestation is something terrible, and it should be taken care before it turns into a massive army. Their tendency to seek shelter and food keeps them taking refuge in home and commercial outlets as these areas offer surplus food and water they need. You must call upon a rat control melbourne services or a pest controller when you first spot a mouse. Usually, their habitat begins at home basements, attic, and wall. So, ensure to keep an eye on these areas and if you do spot, use the pro tips to eliminate them easily.

Here are our prevention tips that most homeowners take to prevent the rat infestation in areas like your attic and walls.

  • Ensure your walls are sealed properly and devoid of any small cracks. Even through a small hole, rats can get inside your home. So, must seal these gaps that provide the entry point for them.

  • Attics are where they rest and sleep more often. Since attics provide warmth and protection from their predators, they find attics as comfortable space to rest. But, roof rats are potentially dangerous to you and your pet’s health and can even do material damage to your home. So, to catch them, you can use a sealant to block the airflow and set snap traps to catch them on the runway.

  • Also, you can use cotton bolls soaked in clove or peppermint oil and place them in their brooding spaces. They dislike the smell of cloves and peppermint and leave the space instantly.

  • Place scented dryer sheets under appliances like fridges or washing machines and hard to reach areas like attic and cracked walls.

  • Keep the firewood away from the house at a distance.

  • Change the damaged screens and vents and resolve plumbing issues.

  • To take away the stress, call a rat control melbourne services for inspection and get rid of them immediately.

Bottom Line

By following these simple tips, homeowners can reduce the invasion of rats and keep them at bay.

Over To You

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