Possum infestations are visible and no wonder they are highly irritable creatures. They munch on your kitchen vegetables and fruits and damage decorative plants. Possum infestations can be seriously frustrating as they can feed on electrical wiring as well, causing an expensive repair at your household. It is why you must hire a possum control melbourne services to eradicate them from your space. So, in case if you’re not able to find what’s scurrying at your home and want to find, here are some signs of possum infestation that could possibly be ruining your home.

Exterior Damage

Possums enter your building from the exterior like your arch or balcony or overhanging eaves. If you happen to see any rash or damage in the gutter system, you can confirm their presence.

Missing Pet Foods

Possums have a keen liking over pet food especially cat food. If you find that your cat foods often go missing or spilled over in unusual places, you can suspect a possum infestation, and you must take immediate measures to protect your cats from fighting with them.

Loud Noises

They are known to make different animal voices like hissing and screeching. Elder possums make lip-smacking sounds to call their fellow mates and baby possums. They are active throughout the night and love rummaging through trash cans. If you often hear these sounds, chances are you have a possum infestation at home and call a possum control service to help you out.

Unpleasant Odours

If you happen to see puddles and strong unpleasant odours coming from inside your home, it might be these sneaky creatures. Their puddles are larger than that of a house cat and can be extremely intolerable. Also, possums tend to chew electrical wiring and may die if they get trapped. So, the smell of the decayed body could also be causing unpleasant odours.

Bottom Line

These are the alarming signals of possum infestation at your home, and you should get rid of them as easily as possible. For possum removal melbourne from your home, hire exterminators melbourne from Enviro Safe Pest Control. For possum inspection melbourne services, call 1300 997 272.