Bees are interesting to watch in a garden, but simultaneously, it becomes dangerous when it turns into a threat. Bees attack when they find a possible threat; that is why it is advisable not to engage them on your own. You can either hire a bee removal melbourne service or get the help of exterminator to remove the beehive from your house or apartment carefully. Here, we mention some must do things when you spot a beehive at your place.

Quick Tips

  • You must not go near them or hit the beehive; the risk of getting stung is high.
  • Pouring any pesticides or water on beehives will get them annoyed and they start to sting
  • Call a swarm collector or a local honey beekeeper to remove the beehives from your home.
  • Even some of the pest control services are helping with beehive removal; you can hire a reputed bee control melbourne service and eradicate bees from your space.


Smoke and incense are used to remove bees from their hives. Bees cannot tolerate the strong fumes of the smoke; they will fly off from their home once they are surrounded by a strong smoke. So, you can smoke them out and instantly remove their hive from your place.

Use Strong Cleaning Solution

However, this method is recommended for professionals, you can use water and a strong cleaning solution to remove the hive.

Burn Their Hives

Use a burning wood to fire their hives. You need to dress over cautious in order to execute this step and you can succeed in completely removing their home.

Make Your Space Less- Attractive

If bees find a comfortable space at your home, they never leave your place. Instead, you can seal all the openings that lead them to enter and cover all water sources. Bees will leave until they find your home less convenient and not safe. So, it is better to make your home less attractive to bees.

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