Australians are alarmed by the news that the cockroach population is set to increase by 30 percent this summer. Well, the news is annoying, it is important to understand that cockroaches lurk even in clean houses. Even if they are not scurrying, they might hide in your bathrooms, shelves, and wet surfaces. Cockroaches get attracted to moist places. So, it is advisable to keep your home as dry as possible. These unlikely crawlers are not only an annoyance but a serious health risk. Cockroaches run through your food and can trigger food allergies, asthma, and even poison your food. Simply you can hire a professional Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne company for all your cockroach pest control needs!

Many factors trigger this sudden surge in the cockroach population. Predicted by meteorologists, mixed climatic conditions cause the cockroaches to take shelter in your home.

A leading pest control service in Melbourne recommends some incredibly useful tips that can prevent cockroach infestation.

  • Good sanitation and regular maintenance are vital to prevent any insect infestation.
  • Do not leave the wet mop on the floor.
  • If you see a cockroach lying dead on any corner, it is probably because of thirst. Cockroaches cannot survive without water for a week. So, you must eliminate any water sources, food spills, and ensure you thoroughly deep clean you’re home.
  • Keep the drains clean and free from dirt. Cockroaches would love to dwell in dirty drains.
  • Remove any carton or corrugated boxes from your premises as they would love to hide in these boxes.
  • Avoid keeping clutters and remove any storage supplies for more than a month.
  • Deny access to any entry points by sealing them completely.
  • Your home may appear to be clean, but still, these creepy creatures lurk beneath. It is important to be watchful on places that you suspect cockroach presence.

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