Anyone who has pets will know how important these little companions are for their family. Although Melbourne is a great place to live, there is one thing that puts a lot of stress on homeowners – pests. If you have furry friends, here are some pests that you should keep an eye out for:


One of the most common pests that can harm your dogs or cats is fleas. These inspects latch onto your pets as their host and get inside your home eventually. As these creatures are so small, it can be extremely hard to spot.


While fleas are annoying, ticks can be dangerous. They infect your pet in the same way they spread diseases to humans. Tick Paralysis, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and Encephalitis are some of the diseases caused by ticks.


Snakes could be a huge danger for any outdoor pets. They can fit through small crevices, and often pursue their prey. While poisonous snakes slaughter your pets, the bites from non-venomous breeds can traumatise your companions and make them behave aggressively.


In Melbourne, there are different types of rodents such as mice, rats and possums, and all of them are utterly unsanitary. They enter your home in search of food and shelter, and start feeding on your pet’s food which is easily available to them. In addition to consuming the pet’s food, they also pass dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis, cutaneous leishmaniasis and leptospirosis to you and your pets as well.


Like many other pets, ants establish their colonies where they have a constant source of food and water. The left-overs of your pet foods can easily draw the attention of the ants. They may bite your dog or cat, and cause itchiness and inflammation.

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