Termite are one of those stubborn pests which are very difficult to get rid of. In fact the sad part is that they can only be spotted with the naked eye only when it reaches its infestation stage. Termite can cause a lot of damage to the property, to an extent that they can bring the structure of the entire property down. The reality is that termite has a tendency of creeping deep into the wood as they feed on wood, therefore, it is very important to conduct timely inspection of the property by hiring a professional termite control melbourne agency.

Following are Few of the Things Which Should be Kept in Mind in Order to Keep your Property Termite Free

Foundation of the Property Should be Kept Plant Free

As mentioned above, termite feed on wood, therefore they love to be surrounded by plants from where they can get their feed and moisture. Once they have exhausted with the plant feed they gradually creep into the house and the foundation in order to find more food which they get from the furniture and fittings.

Foundation of the Property Should be Mulch Free

Mulch have many benefits such as insulation, beautification of the exterior, however what is not much highlighted is that Mulch is one of the most loved food for termite. termite love to reside in mulch and feed on the wood. Even if the mulch is termite treated, they still creep in and get immune and continue to breed.

Avoid Stacking Wood Close to the Foundation

Pilling up wood such as scrap wood, powder wood, firewood etc should be an absolute no as they act as a feeding ground for the termite. If you wish to keep wood for fireplace, then it is advisable to keep it in an open yard away from the foundation so that termite does not creep into your property. Also, if you are purchasing wood for consumption then make sure to buy only treated wood and inspect it before getting it inside your property.

Keep Your Property Moisture Free

Just like standing water acts as a breeding ground for most of the pest similarly moisture laden property, is also a welcoming place for termites. Termites not only need wood as food but also need moisture to sustain. Hence try and avoid placing a sprinkler, or open farms where water logging can take place. Make sure to let direct sunlight come into your house and, provide proper ventilation. Try and keep gutters and water pipes covered. Try and divert water away from the foundation.

Awail a Pest Protection Plan

Last but not the least, it is very important to register your property for a pest control plan. Since termites are very small and are difficult to spot, therefore, only professionals are able to spot them on time. Professional pest control melbourne agencies are well experienced with all the ways and methods to spot and treat termites before they reach a stage of infestation.

If the above few points are kept in mind then you can be sure that you can keep your property termite free. By Hiring a professional termite inspection melbourne company for regular care will be taken place.