Possums have become a threat these days. As they are attracted to trees and gardens where edible fruits and vegetables are present, they are invading household gardens recently. With the ongoing pandemic, many pest control services company offers possum control services in melbourne for households and you can just get rid of them with the help of these services.

So, What they are?

Possums are omnivores and will feed on almost anything. Because of their successful adaption to human environments, they are the greatest nuisance that most Aussies are now dealing with. You can see them in urban settings or even in the neighborhoods where they forage through trash cans. Despite their adaptability, they can annoy your pets and create a ruckus outside while rummaging through the garbage bags.

If you have been finding them around your property, here are some pro tips to deal with them.  

  • Schedule outdoor maintenance and inspection at least once a month for yourself or ask a professional to do it for you.
  • If you ever hear scratching noises or any other suspicious sounds around your house, fix a motion detector sensor or a camera to find who the night visitor was.
  • Possums can act like they’re dead, so even if you see one in your yard that looks like it might be dead, keep a safe distance and continue to monitor it.
  • Professionals recommend that you don’t feed possums as it encourages more possums on to your property and may result in fighting and property damage.
  • If you have possums in your roof, contact a possum control in melbourne company to possum-proof your roof by blocking the gaps, fixing the loose tiles, and pruning tree branches that are overhanging, close to the roof.
  • Try possum repellents like peppermint sprays, garlic sprays available from the kitchen. If you have possums in your garden you can protect trees by installing metal sheets around the trunks.

Bottom Line

If you’re annoyed by possums and want a possum removal services in melbourne, call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272.