We all know that bees are a vital part of the ecosystem. Among all the other pests, bees alone have a reputation for its wonderful existence. Because bees are excellent pollinators through which we get to eat crops, varieties of edible fruits and vegetables, most importantly they’re the only source of honey that we consume today. However, due to the serious decline of bees, our entire ecosystem is under threat. Though protecting them is a responsibility, sharing your living space is not encouraged as their stings are incredibly painful. If ever you spot a beehive in your garden or near your patio, make sure to call bee removal melbourne company to help you out.

 Identify The Bee Species

Sometimes, it’s natural to get confused bees with wasps. So, before choosing a method for bee removal, it is essential to identify the species of these stinging insects. If you’re not able to find out, its best left to bee control professionals who can help identify the species, and remove them safely and responsibly

Remove The Bees Safely & Effectively

  • The reason bees build their hives across house wall structures, and the tree hollows are due to their safety concern and to prevent their nest from attacks. Dealing with bees can be quite difficult and this is why you must invest in bee removal services to help you out.

  • Avoid planting fragrant-smelling flowers as bees are more drawn to these flowering gardens and build their hives near to it.

  • The first rule of thumb is never going near or disturbing the beehive. Once they get aggressive, they chase and sting badly.

  • If the bee nest or hive is built inside the walls, you may have to call a bee removal professional to handle it.

  • Avoid using pesticides or DIY sprays to get rid of them. It only make them aggressive and won’t eliminate them from your property.

  • Bees do have an active smell and taste sensor. They dislike the smell and taste of lavender oil, citronella oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, and lemon, and lime. So, just in case when they’re not in their hive, you can spray any of the oil on the hive, which will compel them to move to another location.

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