Rats are stealthy and secretive & they are adaptive to any environment. It’s why many rat control specialists suggest rat-proof to your house every six months. Every household would have suffered from rat infestation once or twice & there are people still wondering how to get rid of these dirty creatures. Rats are persistent and use every opportunity to make their re-entry to your home even after you get rid of them. So, ensure that your house is unlikely for them. You can also hire a professional rat removal melbourne company for all your rat control needs! In this blog post, let us see the possible proven methods to curb re-entry.

Rats scurry faster than anyone thinks. Just like humans, they need warmth, comfort and access to food and water. As a responsible house owner, make sure to keep your garden trees trimmed and cut off any branches leading towards your terrace or windows.

Wet logs and firewood are another easy hide spot for them & slowly, they will look for a chance to enter again. So, here you can grow peppermint or citronella plants as a guard to stop their entry. Any strong odour like garlic or eucalyptus, naphthalene balls would make them rethink entering your home.

Is your house old or having issues with the pipeline? Whatever repairs you have, get them fixed and throw off anything that occupies your space.  Avoid dumping everything into a single room & look for any opening or cracks in walls, corners and your attic.

While these are some possibilities, hire a pest control melbourne company to inspect your home and clear these annoying creatures and prevent further infestation. As professionals, they recommend solutions and pay monthly or weekly visits to ensure your home is free from rats.

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