Generally, bees are unpleasant to deal with, but ground bees are extremely tricky, especially if you have an entire colony. Ground bees are a species of bee that builds underground galleries with their entrance covered with patches of bare soil. The ground bees are pollination bees and are a valuable insect to the ecosystem. However, if you feel it is necessary to get rid of these mining bees from your garden or lawn, here are some simple bee control melbourne tips for you.

Organic Pesticides:

There are a variety of organic and natural pesticides available on the market that are effective at eliminating these ground bees from your lawn. Instead of using harsh chemicals, you can also try using natural ingredients and home remedies to repel them.

Garlic Powder & Cucumber Peels: 

Ground bees don’t like the smell of garlic and are not fond of cucumbers. If you throw the cucumber peels around the nests, the bees tend to find other locations to build their nests. Sprinkling ground garlic powder around the nest entrance will also help eliminating these creatures.


If you have discovered the location of the nest, fill in the hole with soil, stones or concrete and then cover the entrance with a brick or landscaping stone. Of course, you can use any heavy, sturdy material to trap the bees.

Mint Spray & Soapy Water:

Soapy water prevents bees from flying and suffocates them. On the other hand, bees do not like the scent of peppermint. Prepare a solution by mixing a few drops of peppermint oil with soapy water and pour it into their nest to eliminate the underground bees.

Water Your Lawn:

This is one of the most effective yet easiest ways to get rid of ground bees. These creatures love dry soil and they usually find the nests in the areas that get less water. By watering your lawn thoroughly, you can encourage bees to find a new home.

If nothing has worked out, call pest control melbourne experts on 1300 997 272 for professional bee removal melbourne assistance. We work out the best techniques to get the ground bees rid of your property.