Come summers and you would see an increase in various kind of pests. Due to warmer weather conditions pests tends to reproduce during spring and summers. Following are some of the pest which are commonly seen in large numbers during summers.


There are various kind of insects in Melbourne including bees, wasps’ flies, dragon flies etc. During summers these insects get ready supply of nectar from blooming flowers and ample supply of food from ripen fruits. People tend to enjoy the sun in their garden and backyard and their left-over food serve them as a treat, hence its perfect time for them to increase in number. In order to restrict bees and Wasps Removal Melbourne into your property make sure to pick any ripened fruits. Always keep your bins covered and do not leave any left-over food open.


Rodents such as mice and rats often hide in dark and dingy spaces during winters. However, once the weather becomes warmers they tend to come out in search of food. The best way to keep rodents away is to cut their supply of food and water. Make sure to cover your bins and store food items in sealed containers, also it best to identify their entry point and block them.


Possums are commonly seen in farms, however it’s not uncommon to see possum invade your property. They can climb up tree branches and build their nest at rooftop or in your attic. It’s also quite tricky to locate a possum as they are great in hiding. The best way for possum removal Melbourne from your property is by cutting tree branches and keeping bird feeders away from the rooftop.

Simple DIY methods may provide short term relief from these very common pests however in order to get permanent relief it’s wise to get in touch with a pest control agency who are well versed in treating them with the help of environmentally friendly treatment. They also provide with tips and suggestion to keep these pests at bay in the future as well. For Pest Control Services at Melbourne call Enviro Safe Pest Control on 1300 997 272 today.